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He is one of the co-founders of TBT. He loves to write about WordPress & SEO tutorials also he is a Computer Science Engineering Graduate.

Interspire Email Marketer Review

When starting my new company, I was quite apprehensive. Being a shy person in general, I wasn’t really all that well versed in communication. It took me a lot of time to figure out the consumer communications sphere of marketing. Understanding the basics of email communications was no piece of cake either. Consider having to communicate with about a hundred …

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Create a great course on Udemy the right way

Making money online is an ever growing topic of interest among bloggers and digital marketers. Also since last few years newer and innovative methods of online money making have grown rapidly. One such method is creating a course on Udemy. If you are new to Udemy, refer my previous article on Udemy where you can read about the revenue model …

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CPAlead: A review on the best CPA network

I am back with yet another way of making money online. Internet marketing is something every one of us, blogger or not try our hands on. For bloggers, it provides a great way to monetize their website. “Once you get the hang of internet marketing, you never leave it” – Nikhil S In this article, I am going to talk …

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Increase traffic to your WordPress blog with select text and share feature

You must have heard the saying “You are what you eat”. In the world of blogging, it goes like this “You are what you share”. A blogger’s social media presence is a deciding factor when it comes to attracting more traffic to the blog. In this article, we’ll see how Twitter makes a blogger’s job easy. Sharing your articles or …

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