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Aweber Review : Is this the Best Email Marketing Service Provider?

Whether you have an online store or a business where you need to convert your visitors to clients, email marketing is your go-to option when it comes to interacting with your customers. Email marketing not only gives a chance to interact with your customers, it also helps to attract newer customers.

To know how to build an email list, read my other article on this blog where I explain how to build an email list for a WordPress site.

Now that you have decided to try your hand at email marketing and build an email list, you must get an email service provider. There are many great email marketing services and I have discussed them in the other article. Here, in the Aweber review, I’ll tell you what makes Aweber the right choice for your email marketing plan.

Aweber is among the top most popular email service providers and offers great services to make your work easier.


  • Managing Campaigns:


Writing an email and sending it out quickly and with utmost ease is what you should be looking for in an email service. What if you have no coding skills? Can you still create and manage campaigns easily with the email service you are opting for?

Well, in the case of Aweber, you get a drag and drop editor for creating your emails and templates, which means you save a great deal of time when creating professional emails with Aweber.

Another thing about Aweber that makes managing campaigns easier is the ability to create automated campaigns. Taking just a few minutes to setup it lets you send automated emails targeting new customers.

  • Follow-up emails – Automated:

This is an intelligent feature from Aweber. It analyses the activity of your customers on your site and sends them an automated email based on their activity. An email thanking the customers for trying your services and investing their trust and time with you is something that would make your customers visit again.

Also, you could send your customers an email telling them how different things have become since their last visit to your site.

Aweber gives you enough tools to do all of this and also lets you send coupons to make sure your customer visits you again.

  • Signup Forms:


Branding and configuring the signup forms on your site is done easily with Aweber. Signup forms are a must when it comes to growing your email list. You want people to sign up on your site to make sure you can send your product updates to them easily.

It is quite easy to integrate with Bigcommerce and Shopify.

  • Segmenting your subscribers:


Not one email would work for all of your customers or subscribers. They may have different profiles and you may need to plan your approach based on their profiles. This is where subscriber segmentation comes in.

You can get all the necessary tools for segmenting your subscriber base with AWeber. You can create different emails and templates based on the subscriber’s history with your site. There may be some subscriber who is of most importance to you and there may be a group of subscribers who have not visited your site in a while.

  • Ecommerce Integration:

If you are running an online store you would know why e-commerce integration is crucial. Paypal, WooCommerce, Shopify, you just name it and Aweber has an integration for it. If you want your site to have an email signup form powered by WooCommerce, there’s a plugin for this and not only that but things will get in place in the time you sip your coffee.

  • Tracking:

With AWeber’s email analytics you can track your subscribers’ interests. You could check which services they have used or which products they seem to have a liking in and then plan your campaigns and newsletters accordingly.

Also, you could use the AWeber email analytics to plan subscriber segmentation by tracking subscribers’ responses to your newsletters.

  • Customer Support:

When running an online business you might need support to make sure your money isn’t wasted in emails that are broken. With AWeber, you can find a great support team. They offer you live support and also respond to your emails, in case you wish to discuss something in length and drop an email.


Taking a tour of their website will give you an idea of the vast resources they have to offer. There is a knowledge base where you could find the answers to all your queries and then you get live webinars that give you a better understanding of things.

There’s also a guide on email marketing that you can download from their website.

All your expectations of support are met by AWeber.

  • Pricing:

AWeber has now started offering a free trial for those who want to see if things work well for them with AWeber. Previously there was a $1 trial period which I think they have reinvented to compete with other top email service providers.

There are 6 pricing plans for you to choose from. This makes the work of saving your dollars a lot easier.

$19/month – Support for 500 subscribers

$29/month 501 to 2,500 subscribers

$49/month – 2,501 to 5,000 subscribers

$69/month – 5,001 to 10,000 subscribers

$149/month – 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers

A quote – If your subscribers are beyond the 25,000 mark you need to talk with them and decide on a quote.

You could also opt for annual and quarterly billing methods if you wish.


In this review, you saw how AWeber offers you tools to integrate with any platform, automate your follow up emails and a lot of other things that make AWeber one of the best email marketing services in the market.

Now that AWeber has started giving a fee trial, you better go and start yours today, in fact, now!

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