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Best Freelancing Sites for Writers to Grow Income

Do you want to show up your writing experience for making an income? In this regard, you need to be a member of the freelancing site. But what is a freelancing site? Yes, you are in the right place. In this post, I will be showing you some real earning freelancing sites for writers. If your passion is to write, then show up your skill and get some extra money. However, best freelancing sites are frequently searched topic by writers online. So, finding a trusted and real freelancing site is also a skill.


What is a freelancing site?

The freelancing site is one kind of website where someone put some project or job, and someone finishes the job with the deadline. Who do a job on freelancing site is called a freelancer. And those who post a project on the freelancing site is called buyer. However, you will have to obtain some prior knowledge before starting your freelancing career.


Why do you take writing as your profession:

Today we are mostly dependent on internet marketing. Whatever we want to know, we come in touch of online and get our desired answer. That is why the article is a must in this regard, and so the writer has a high demand here. Below are some trusted freelancing sites for writers.


Best Freelancing Sites for writers


Upwork :

Upwork Best Freelancing site for writers

Up work actually (www.upwork.com ) is the greatest marketplace of all freelancing sites where every day so many clients are visiting to get a talented writer for their profit purpose. In the past, it was named as oDesk. But recently they have changed their name as Upwork. Upwork is the combination of two sites, and they are oDesk and Elance website. So, just imagine how significant this marketplace is!

Upword Mission and vision

Their mission is to a socially and economically done workplace for the whole globe just to connect people, collaborate and success. They say their vision is to connect business with talent.Up work has a system for the freelancer as connects. Initially, they have 60 connects. While bidding on a project, it will be reduced. They have an excellent payment system. Yours earning stores to your main account. And at any time you can withdraw your dollars to your any online account. They take 3 or 4 days to validate your earnings. They are trusted one as they review on. There are two ways of earning, and they are hourly and fixed price.

Upwork Writers and Translators


Key Features:

  • sign up is free
  • validating of earning is only 3-4 days
  • time tracker
  • milestone payments
  • fast loading of the projects
  • Easy to understand everything
  • tests are free


Freelancer :

Freelancer (www.freelancer.com) is an attractive website with a huge amount of writing job. Every day thousands of buyers are peeping to get an experienced writer in freelancer. It is considered a giant marketplace. Initially, it will be depressing when you will see hundreds of freelancer bidding on a project. But if you can make your career on freelancer once you never look back because it is also one of the most trusted freelancing sites on the internet.

Freelancer Best Freelancing site for writers

Their pop-up system is so active that you never need to worry about the newest projects posting on freelancer. However, you have an opportunity to see what amount people are bidding on what project. Freelancer will smile upon you while you finish your job as their fees are very minimal when compared with other sites.

Freelancer What kind of work

You may want to complete some scheduled or fixed job. Yes, here you will get this kind of facilities. They also have the system of hourly and fixed price system. But their tests are not free. You can change your membership for a particular period. However, Freelancer makes your popularity grow and enhances your skill.

Key Features:

  • sign up is free
  • validation of earning is only 3-4 days
  • time tracker
  • milestone payments
  • fast loading of the projects
  • Easy to understand everything
  • tests are not free


Guru :

Guru (www.guru.com ) mainly was founded for the purpose of writing services. But gradually, it is providing all kinds of services. However, like other freelancing sites, Guru also offer you to bid on a project with your desired amount. All you need to do is to sign up to Guru and define your service. You will find lots of writing job on Guru. Writing job provider use it because it gives the talented freelancer who can submit a project within shortest of time. So, you have to be experienced before applying on GURU.

Guru Best Freelancing site for writers

When you finish the sign-up process then according to your writing profile buyer will find you by searching with their interest. So, fill the image with best skills you possess. While interviewing with a client, you may be asked to show up your talent by giving some samples as well.

Guru find work get hired


Contentmart :


Contentmart Best Freelancing site for writers

Contentmart mainly (www.contentmart.com ) is a web address which is created only for the writers as it gives the writing service the job provider. So, I think the contentment users are lucky to have such a website. As it is mainly created with writing service, then make sure that it focuses only on the book section. So, I hope you will find all kinds of writing facilities here.

Contentmart writing facilities

The image shows a graph of their working system. Here the figure includes only the content writer, not the graphic designer or web developer. So, it needs no telling that you will find your skill make some money by working on contentmart as a freelance writer.

To sum up, all the above sites are trusted, and there are so many payment proofs. So, don’t waste your experience and knowledge. Let them make some dollars.

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