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12 Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Site

When we talk about ways to monetize your blog, Google Adsense is everyone’s go-to option. Setting up an Adsense account is tricky and so is getting approved for the account. This not-so- easy process of getting Adsense approval has led to many bloggers seeking alternatives to Adsense. Now there are a lot of ways other than Google Adsense to monetize your blog and this vastness might get you confused on what way to opt. We at theblogtip.com have come up with some best google Adsense alternatives for you.

Though some alternatives to Adsense may not seem a better option than Google Adsense, a few of them are more likely to give better results and earnings than Adsense depending on the site’s traffic and niche. Speaking of traffic, it is recommended that you check the kind of traffic your blog drives in before you opt for an alternative to Google Adsense.

Google Adsense alternatives

#1 AdsOptimal

This ad network has been around since a while now and has gained popularity among the bloggers as an alternative to Adsense. The one important complaint it strikes off your list of Adsense alternatives is that of Adsense alternatives not matching the payout levels of Adsense.

AdsOptimal offers high-quality ads that help you convert big time with a high traffic blog. Setting up an AdsOptimal account is easy and they give you a $5 bonus if you integrate ads on a premium site that you own. Sounds a good deal?

Get started then! Signup and integrate AdsOptimal ads on your sites and earn the bonus for all of them.

#2 Infolinks

An in-text link ad network, Infolinks has a proven track record of being one of the most profitable options for blog monetization.

Of the various types of ads offered by Infolinks, in-text ads are the most popular ones right next to which there are inn-frame ads.

It is highly recommended as an alternative to Adsense though there are no contextual ads offered by the network like Google Adsense. Signup in the easy way of infolinks and start making money. You can choose to use other AdSense alternatives along with this to increase your site’s revenue.

#3 Media.net

If we come to judge an ad network based on its ad types, media.net is probably one of the best alternatives to Adsense.

The contextual ad network by Yahoo and Bing offers high-quality ads. The ad types offered by media.net being the same as that of Adsense ensures high conversion of the traffic driven to your blog. You can expect an early and easy approval from Media.net given you run a quality blog.

#4 Adversal

Does your blog have a huge following? Are you driving a huge monthly traffic to your blog? Why not use it to generate high revenue?

To apply to Adversal, your blog needs to have 50,000 Avg. monthly page-views. Minimum payout being $20, publishers are paid at the end of every month. It is similar to Superlinks and so applying to both Adversal and Superlinks is a good idea to increase your revenue since Superlinks pays more.

#5 Viglink

This alternative to Adsense is quite different than other alternatives mentioned in this list. This is a good option for an e-commerce site as it makes you money from the affiliate sales.

Outgoing links to product pages like Amazon and others on your site with VIglink can make a great combo for increasing revenue.

Don’t worry if you don’t have these links on your page. Money-related keywords like iPad, laptops, etc. in your post are also quite useful. Links are automatically added to these words and if you have the right keywords you are likely to hit the jackpot.

The best thing about this best alternative to Adsense is that it is SEO-friendly.

#6 Amazon Display Ads

As of 2016, Amazon advertisement program is one of the most popular site monetization techniques. This has gone beyond the usual Amazon Affiliate program to include CPM based ads and Native Shopping ads.

This indeed serves as a great alternative to Adsense and it becomes even greater when you have U.S and European traffic.

#7 Chitika

Based on CPC ad model, Chitika is a product oriented ad network. It helps increase the conversion by placing relevant ads on your blog. It not only lets you edit the color of the text of the ads but also the URL color so as to help blend the ads with the blog format.

The referral program is another money making feature of the ad network.

#8 Skimlinks

Yet another alternative to AdSense, skimlinks is also an alternative to Viglink as its manner of working is similar to that of Viglink.

The outbound links on your page are converted to affiliate links with Skimlinks and you make money every time a sale is made through these links.

The money you make with Viglinks and Skimlinks can be as much as ten times your current earnings. How? Here, the affiliate sales are what makes you money and not the clicks.

You would usually search for AdSense alternatives either when you AdSense account is disabled or your AdSense account is not approved. And I suggest you use a combination of multiple ad networks with a side of contextual ads for best results.

#9 Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits has been in the industry for many years now and still has the strongest network which makes them one of the best Adsense alternatives. It is a performance ad network meaning it pays for results following the CPA model.

The platform provided by Revenue Hits learns from the ads and if you keep them running on your site for a few days, you will most likely get better ads resulting in better conversion and ultimately increased revenue.

The different monetization channels of revenue hits let you create sliders, banner ads, buttons and much more. They pay you on a NET 30 basis and you get paid via Paypal, Payoneer and wire.

#10 Propeller Ads Media

The giant of the pop-under networks, Propeller Ads started back in 2011 has grown to be one of the biggest networks offering high CPMs. If your niche is of the following you’ll have a great time with Propeller Ads: entertainment, games, movies, financing, dating, software and more. Though they have banners as well, the pop-unders are the best performers.

This can be a great Adsense alternative if your site has mobile traffic. Ad networks monetizing apps and mobile services lead to high CPMs and great ROIs. Propeller Ads work with such ad networks.

Here you get paid on a NET 30 basis with a good fill rate for tier 3 and tier 2 countries. That means if your traffic is from countries like India, South Africa, Singapore, etc. you can monetize this traffic with Propeller.

#11 Bidvertiser

It is a PPC advertising network which can prove to be a best Adsense alternative if you were denied of AdSense approval. Its working model is quite different from AdSense. Here, there is a bidding system allowing highest bidders to place ads on your blogs.

Don’t give up hope if you don’t see much money initially. You need be patient with your site as it may take time for highest bidders to find your site. So keep hanging to it.

Bidvertiser offers different types of ads like banner ads, slider ads, text ads, etc. Another way to make money with Bidvertiser is the promotion of customized toolbar.

Minimum amount to checkout using Paypal and Payza is $10 and for a check, it is $50.

#12 BuySellAds

A marketplace where publishers and advertisers meet, BuySellAds is different from AdSense alternatives in this list. While most of the ad networks in this list pay on CPC and CPM basis, this network is focused on direct advertisement and pays for the same.

It connects you with the advertiser working as a middleman for which it takes 25% of your transaction with the advertiser. Though it can be a little tough getting BuySellAds approval but if you have huge traffic to your blog, it would help getting the approval.

It might not sound the best Adsense alternative if I tell you getting BuySellAds approval is tougher than the former. But it compliments Adsense on many levels and you must give it a shot if you are eyeing for high revenue from your blog.


The above list of networks serves as the best AdSense alternatives to monetize your blog and start making money with the high traffic driven to your site. Let us know which of these Adsense alternatives work for you and do share your suggestion with us in the comments section. I hope you take away some crucial knowledge of ad networks and increase your site’s revenue.

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