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Best Title Generators For Your BlogPosts

One of the deciding factors in the reach of your blog post and its subsequent success is its title. Let me ask you this – How many times have you visited a blog or read an article just because the title was compelling, catchy and you just could let it go?

Not just that, the title of a post also affects the post’s search engine ranking. Since the titles are so crucial in a post’s success, it is very important for a blogger to put equal efforts into creating a good title as it goes with the content.

How do we say a title is good? What makes the title a good one?

A title which grabs attention not only from the readers but also from the search engines is what we call a good title. By grabbing attention, I mean the title has to be optimized for search engines as well.

For all the WordPress users, you must be well known about SEO meta title. This is where you score a homerun! In WordPress, you can write an SEO meta title for the search engines and one for readers that is seen on the blog. And then you can choose to write another one for when you share your post on social media platforms. This way you get to catch most of the fish in the sea – Most of the traffic and clicks to your post.

Now that you have an idea of what exactly to expect from a good blog post title, let’s move further to see how you can create these compelling and catchy titles that make the readers interested in knowing more about the post and thus liking it.

Best blog post Title generators

  • Hemmingway Sharethrough

This is one great tool to analyze your title and the best part is – it’s free!

It’s easy to use and gives a good analysis of how effective the title is in terms of SEO. All you need to do is just enter your title or headline and click Find Out. Here is a snapshot of what is looks like –


It gives the headline quality score for the title you enter. And also mentions strengths of the title and suggestions to improve the headline as you can see in the snapshot above.

There are two scores – one is the engagement score and the other is impression score. You can read all about it on their website.

Check it out

  • Blog Topic Generator by Hubspot

Another free and great title generator, Blog Topic Generator by Hubspot is very popular among bloggers. It generates ideas for new topics. It delivers just what the tagline says.


All you need to do is just enter your keywords in the field specified and it generates ideas for your post. Here is an example of how you can use this tool to generate titles for you –


Enter keywords in fields Noun1, Noun2, and Noun3 and hit Give Me Blog Topics button. Here I only just entered the title itself in the first field (it is just to show you how it’s done; you can have a more strategic approach).

Here is what Blog Topic Generator came up with –


Check it out

  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This content idea generator is one of the coolest tools you’ll ever come across.


This content generator tool is quite different from other tools on this list. Along with title ideas, it also gives you suggestions on constructing your content in an efficient way. It also has some useful resources to plan your content strategy. This is the best friend for any blogger, especially a beginner!

Here’s how you use it –


Enter the keyword of your blog post and hit the arrow button.

And here is what you get –


See that? It not only gave me the title for the blog post but also suggested on what things to include in the content so as to justify the title.

You may think that unlike previous title generators on this list, this one came up with just one title. Wait! It’s not over yet. If you are not convinced with the title you can just hit refresh and –


There it is – another title! Isn’t it cool? You can see the blue boxes explaining what the words in the title refer to and how the content should be structured accordingly.

Check it out

  • Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor


This title generator is a product of SEOPressor – a premium WordPress SEO plugin. It is a free title generator and generates some really catchy and trendy titles for your posts.

The above snapshot gives the whole idea of this easy to use title generator. Just enter the keyword in the specified field, describe the keyword by choosing one of the options provided and hit Generate Titles.


Here are the results it gave me for the above-entered keyword –


Not all titles may seem the fitting to your needs. In that case, just the green refresh button and you’ll see more of the catch refreshed titles for your keyword.

Speaking of keywords that I have throughout this article, you may find yourself thinking of how you can come up with best keywords that are high paying at the same time. Well, not to worry. TBT has got your back. There are articles on our blog on finding high paying Adsense keywords.

Check it out

  • Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

This title generator goes all out on its approach to generating ideas for your blog post titles. It generates a lot of ideas all ranging from different categories. That means it’s left with you to make the right choice and choose the title that you could write content for.


Here is an example of how you could use the tool. Enter your topic in the box. Choose whether it’s a noun or a verb and hit submit. You can also choose the way you want the results to appear – Tile Case, Sentence case or All Caps.

This may seem a little different from other tools on this list. But the best thing about this tool which is the number of ideas it generates cannot be ignored and has found it a place on our best title generators list.

Check it out

These tools discussed above are unique and different in their own way and thus some tool may not fit your need for the specific blog post.  To be able to make the most of this list, try them all first and then when you get an idea of what you can expect from each of these tools, you can plan your approach depending on the topic you wish to write.


So that was our list of the best title generators for blog posts. If you think we missed any of the best tools out there let us know in your comments.

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