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How to Index Your New Sites on Google Quickly?

The purpose behind creating a blog or website is to get it published and seen by an audience, and obviously you want people to find your site when they use a search engine. To get your site listed on a search engine like Google, publishers use the Googlebot that crawls their website and adds it to the Google index. However, …

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10 Tips to Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers

Of all the worries, safeguarding your WordPress site from hackers finds the top spot. With the skill set of hackers expanding its horizon, it has become crucial for bloggers and WordPress site owners to take preventive measures in protecting their WordPress site from hackers. Some people learn from their mistakes, but in this business, you just can’t afford one. You …

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Why Is It Crucial to Backup Your WordPress Blog?

WordPress is a platform where you can set up websites or create blogs easily because of its straightforward and user-friendly design. No doubt, hosting your website can be incredibly fun and rewarding; nevertheless, it places some responsibilities on you too because having your online platform can sometimes create a false sense of security. Some people believe that the best and …

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Get High-Quality Traffic to Your Website from Quora

What is Quora? Quora is primarily an online place for gaining knowledge and get to know things which you never knew before. It is a rapidly growing platform that is generated by users who are looking for answers to questions of any type. It was created by two former employees of Facebook back in June 2009 at Mountain View, California. …

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