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How to Configure Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

There is an insane amount of traffic driven every day from Facebook to blogs of different niches. The growing potential of Facebook has paved the way for Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress. Facebook Instant Articles are popular among all the bloggers and everyone’s in a rush to get the most of the Facebook traffic with Facebook Instant Articles. To keep …

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How to Index Your New Sites on Google Quickly?

The purpose behind creating a blog or website is to get it published and seen by an audience, and obviously you want people to find your site when they use a search engine. To get your site listed on a search engine like Google, publishers use the Googlebot that crawls their website and adds it to the Google index. However, …

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10 Tips to Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers

Of all the worries, safeguarding your WordPress site from hackers finds the top spot. With the skill set of hackers expanding its horizon, it has become crucial for bloggers and WordPress site owners to take preventive measures in protecting their WordPress site from hackers. Some people learn from their mistakes, but in this business, you just can’t afford one. You …

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