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ClixSense : The Ultimate Money Making Guide

ClixSense is a US-based paid to click (PTC) website, officially launched in 2007. It helps and permits every website publisher, whether it is a startup with a small advertising budget or an already established website that desires more web exposure to direct targeted traffic to its website.

It is not just beneficial for web merchants, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to regular people who are looking for ways to earn money online.

There are numerous PTC websites all over the internet which claim to be authentic. However, not all sites are reliable. Some sites pay you a decent amount, while others don’t.

Why ClixSense

Coming back to ClixSense, it is a top-rated, safe, and good PTC website.

It provides a variety of money-making programs like surveys, referrals, online advertising program, and much more.

Hence, you can earn a fair amount of money by performing these activities for only ten to fifteen minutes a day.

If you are looking for straightforward, trouble-free, and trustable options for making money online, you should surely try out ClixSense.

This website offers undemanding ways of earning from home.


Following are some simple and easy ways to make money through ClixSense.


How to Earn Money by Viewing Advertisements at ClixSense

The easiest way of making money through ClixSense is by viewing numerous advertisements.

All you have to do is see some ads and get paid for it.

For this, click on the View Ad tab, where there will be numerous ads presented in a grid view for you to choose.

Once you select an ad for viewing, the website will ask you to prove that you’re not a robot, also known as Captcha Verification, by clicking on the cat.


Earnings with ClixSense Ads

The advertisement usually ranges from three to sixty seconds after which you receive a certain amount.

The money collected by viewing these ads depends on their length. The commission and time are clearly mentioned below each ad.

You can earn 0.01 cents by viewing an ad of thirty seconds.

Once you see the complete ad, you’ll be alerted that you have been credited for it. You should only close the ad when you are notified and then move on to the next one.


The earnings might be meager but so is the work required, so it shouldn’t be a big issue. Besides, if you can earn a maximum of 0.15 cents per day only by clicking on different ads and viewing them, there’s no harm in it.

Furthermore, you should log in and check the website regularly for available advertisements because it only requires about five to seven minutes per day to view all ads.

This means that if you see 30-second ads for seven minutes, then you can earn 0.14 cents per day. Hence, the more ads you view, the more money you gain.


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How to Earn Money by Completing Surveys

For making money by taking surveys, you first need to fill up your survey profile.

Just click on the Survey tab, fill your profile or sign up, check for available surveys, and complete them to obtain money. Your survey profile revolves around general questions such as your age, gender, location, marital status, qualification, and hobbies.

All the surveys you receive will be according to your profile, so there is no possibility of getting irrelevant surveys.


It can either be a beneficial thing since you’ll fill only pertinent surveys that match your profile, or it can be a drawback because you’ll be able to access only a limited number of surveys and won’t be able to earn more than that.

However, this method of making money provides the highest potential income.

You can earn around 60 cents to 2 dollars for every survey you complete. Every day, you can take a minimum of three to four surveys.

It is crucial to check the website at least three times a day for the availability of surveys. If you don’t, they will eventually expire or vanish from your account, and you’ll miss this great chance of earning a few more dollars.

How to Earn Money by Completing Tasks

Completing a task is the most paramount part of ClixSense because it will allow you to make about 80% of your total income.

ClixSense - Tasks

Tasks are mini jobs provided by an independent crowd-sourcing company called CrowdFlower.

It enables you to earn some additional cash by performing small tasks such as completing academic research surveys, comparing websites, creating keywords, and moderating explicit images.

You will need to carry out all of the available tasks correctly to earn money.


There are a lot of tasks you can complete each day, and some of them are even repeatable, so you can perform them as many times as you like in a single day.

You can also access some Available Jobs which you can finish immediately and once you complete them, you can further move to some Potential Jobs too.


Before using this method you need to go through a little process.

To get tasks, you will first need to open a CrowdFlower account.

Open the Tasks tab from the main page and click sign up. Once you create your account, you’ll get the title of ‘Level 0’ contributor. Tasks for this level’s contributors are not much, so you’ll need to have some patience until you reach Level 2 or 3.

Hence, whenever you find a job at this initial level, complete it correctly as much as possible so that you can reach the higher level, which can help you earn more money.


For reaching the next level i.e. Level 1, you will need to do five different Level 0 tasks with at least 70% precision.

It will take at least one week to achieve Level 1, but make sure that accuracy of completing each task is high.

Once you get to the next level, you’ll get more tasks than before.

It will make it easier for you to reach higher levels. You should check your dashboard on CrowdFlower after five tasks to see if you’ve achieved Level 1 already.


Before doing any task, read the instructions thoroughly and perform them wisely. If you have issues regarding any task, you can ask for help in the Forum. There is no limit on how many tasks you can complete per day.

Therefore, you can perform tasks as much as you desire.

Now let’s come towards the best part, which is how much you’re going to earn by completing tasks. Users from all countries can earn a substantial amount of money by completing tasks.

Once you reach either Level 2 or Level 3, you can make money ranging between $100 and $300 per month. Some contributors even earn about $500.

Moreover, you don’t need to wait for your earnings since the amount will be immediately transferred to your ClixSense account.

The factors that can affect your income are:

  • How quickly you can finish the tasks
  • How accurate you are in completing them

It is the best method since it allows you to earn a considerably higher amount than by viewing ads and completing surveys.

How to Earn Money by Playing ClixGrid

Playing ClixGrid is a fun way of making money on ClixSense.

 You can receive up to $10 each day whenever you win a game. 

For playing this game, click on Play the Game option under the ClixGrid tab.

You will see a picture made up of small boxes. Click on one of the boxes within the image. It will open a sponsor’s ad of ten seconds.

You might have understood the game by now. Click on the box and view the ad, but it is not over yet. After seeing the ten-second ad, you get notified whether you’re a winner.


ClixGrid - How it works?

If you win this game, you’ll get see thee winning amount in your balance instantly. If not, then click on another box and view the next ad.

This game is more like bingo or lottery. You just have to try your luck.

If you are a premium member of ClixSense, you will get sixty chances for playing this game.If not, you’ll get a maximum of thirty chances.

Another benefit for a premium member is that they only get five-second long ads.

Moreover, the grid picture changes with every click unless you lock your favorite picture. Chiefly, it is a game of probabilities and chances. The more you try, the more you win.

There is nothing to lose here, so why not try it?

How to Earn Money by Completing Offers

You can also make money by completing numerous offers which are divided into different sub-categories.

There are many websites providing offers on the ClixSense Offers page, which allow you to earn money by completing offers.

These proposals consist of signing up for different websites, viewing videos, shopping, answering surveys, downloading applications, listening to the radio, and much more.

Like completing surveys, offers vary based on your age, gender, and geographical location.

 clixsense offers

Whenever you log into your ClixSense account, you can see the number of offers you can complete.

You should always review the offer carefully to understand its requirement before performing it.

This is necessary because if you miss any small detail and don’t do it accurately, you might not get the credit for it and all the time that you have spent will go in vain.

If you don’t have a desire to miss any offer, check the page regularly. By completing offers, you are rewarded with ClixScents. 1 ClixScent is equal to $0.01.

How to Earn Money by Research

Earning through research is just like completing surveys.

The only difference is that this option redirects you to another website owned by ClixSense, clixsenseresearch.com, which allows you to complete research surveys and earn money.

You don’t need to sign up on this site if you already have a ClixSense account. You just need to click on the activation link in your email to get access to it.

Once activated, you can log into ClixSenseResearch with your ClixSense account, complete your profile to get suitable surveys, and start earning.

How to Earn by Referring Others

ClixSense also provides a referral program that can pay you up to eight levels. It is just like a multi-level marketing program.

ClixSense - Referral program

Anyone who signs up on ClixSense with your affiliate or referral link can provide you with benefits in the shape of money. It is like you are earning for free.

Every time your referral completes a task (any of the methods mentioned above), you receive a commission for it. Usually, you get paid five to ten percent commission per day through your referrals.

If you become a premium member of ClixSense, you can earn up to $2 commission on every task performed by your referrals.


To get huge referrals, promote your referral link on social media platforms like Google Plus and Facebook.


How do you get paid

At the time of this writing, they support five different payment methods Paypal, Payza, NetellerPaytoo, and Check. Click here for more details.

Go Through Your Daily Checklist

ClixSense provides a daily checklist for its users.

You can consider it as a bonus feature because you just have to complete the list daily to earn extra income.

The list includes

  • a visit to the forum
  • twenty ClixGrid clicks
  • five or ten tasks
  • six ad
  • one or two offers

If you complete your daily checklist, you will get about five to ten percent of the bonus amount of your regular income.

Final Words

ClixSense provides a good source of earning money from home.

Except for performing tasks, other methods pay a considerably lower amount, but if you compare it with the comfort and convenience of making money from home, it is not a bad deal at all.

Besides, if you complete all your daily tasks and offers, view all advertisements, and leave nothing, you’ll always get a good amount.

Another best thing about this website is that it doesn’t take much of your time. Overall, it is an excellent site for earning some extra cash online, so everyone who is in need of getting additional money should try it.


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