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Create a Google+ Brand Page for Your Blog in Four Easy Steps

Google+ is a great way to promote your brand on Google’s social networking site. Many social media marketers believe that a personal profile can be used as a brand page, but that is the wrong strategy altogether. The best strategy is to create a dedicated Google+ page.

This step-by-step guide will help you create a Google+ brand page.

Step 1: Select your business type

Select your business type from the Create Page option. If you are creating a Google+ page in order to promote your blog, you need to select “Brand” from the business categories presented to you.


Step 2: Choose the type of Google+ page

After selecting the category, you need to select the type of Google+ page you are looking to create. On the next page, write down the name of your page and add your website, and then select the type of page.

Step 3: Create a Google+ page

You are now ready to create a Google+ page. Click on Create Page, which will launch the Google+ help for the business guide that will help you out with all the necessary information you need to fill. Click on Edit and start filling out the information requested. You are highly recommended to fill out all information about your brand so that your customers can easily find you.


Step 4: Edit page information

Enter your brand description and upload your brand image. The brand image follows certain guidelines with respect to size and resolution, which are as follows:

  • Maximum size of the cover image: 2120 x 1192 px
  • Minimum size of the cover image: 480 x 270 px
  • Profile picture size: 250 x 250 px

You can use the Google+ image editor in order to enhance your profile picture. After you have created your Google+ brand page, you can share this page on your social media profiles, including your Google+ profile. Promoting your newly established page on your other well-established social media pages is a tried and tested way of increasing your following on your Google+ page as well.


Managing multiple pages

Those who run and manage multiple pages can easily switch between their pages using a handy drop-down menu located on the left side of the screen.

Creating Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts are a great way to promote your brand among your circle and create word of mouth. Options for creating Google+ hangouts are present on the right side of the page, allowing you to communicate with your fans as well as share your page.

Google+ Direct Connect

Google+ is gradually introducing new tools to help businesses and brands engage with their customers. The introduction of photos and videos, similar to Facebook, can turn out to be great for user engagement.

In addition, Google will soon be launching the Google+ brand follow widget modeled along the lines of the Facebook fan page widget, allowing users to add the brand to their circles. This will help increase and promote closer interaction and engagement with your fans.

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