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DreamHost Review : Reliable and Efficient Web Hosting Service

DreamHost comprises of a wide array of features which satisfies the personal as well as the business-related needs. The company has multiple options for building attractive along with flexible sites. Such options include WordPress, dedicated plans, and virtual private server. DreamHost might appear as being intimidating for the newcomers who have not used or maintained any kind of website. However, individuals having optimum capabilities of site-building are going to find it extremely robust. It has flexible packages which are extremely appealing. Its hosting service is packed with advanced skills and needs which are appealing.

Hosting packages on shared basis

The shared plan of DreamHost starts at $10.95 each month. There are plans with varying prices related to the commitment of one year. This offers space of disk storage in an unlimited manner, along with domains, emails and other data transfers taking place on monthly basis. This web hosting service provides its users the first ever .net, .org, .com and other domains that too for free. However, a nominal registration fee is required to pay in case of additional domains.


Most of the competitors of DreamHost usually offer unlimited domains as a part of the plans related to higher-tier. This paves the way for making DreamHost extremely attractive. One of the major features that this web hosting service offers, according to me is the VPS which is Linux based;. This plan starts for about $15 monthly. This is beneficial for businesses which need increased amount of power or even expect high amount of traffic volumes.The plan offers an unlimited amount of storage, email along with transfers of monthly data which is an extremely nice perk. It needs to be pointed out that the base memory is extremely low.

The monthly plan of $15 offers around a RAM of only 300MB. 16GB RAM is the highest configuration that is available at a price of $249 monthly. Among all of the other review of web hosts, it is only Media Temple who has seen to be offering increased number of RAM than this one, a whopping 64GB.

DreamHost’s server options are not that much radically different from that of other services of Web Hosting. It offers storage of around 1TB while configuring the servers till RAM of 16GB. However, this web hosting service provides an extremely desired feature which is an unlimited amount of data transfers each month. It is an unfortunate situation that DreamHost lacks the servers being dedicated to Windows-based. To sign up for DreamHost in order to build up a test site is indeed straightforward but however, it took me by surprise that I could not start it right away. I got one banner message at the screen’s top saying that I would be contacted by DreamHost when the account would get ready. It, however, took a long time to start compared to other network solutions.

The user interface of DreamHost is extremely impressive and also a very simple one. Its simple structure enabled me to start on the test site in an easy manner. Here you will avail a host of varied menu options situated on the screen’s left side. It is extremely easy to avail all kind of information related to the billing while managing domains and viewing all the settings of the dedicated servers and VPS. I personally had to take no trouble in order to find the options for security or even the app of third-party. However, DreamHost does not offer a website builder. Hence, this feature is a little surprising as it offers varied advanced features.

The users need to create the site somewhere else while using FTP for uploading to the DreamHost account. The upload process is incredibly easy. This has the option to install the applications of third-party to the account which include MediaWiki, GetSimple, Joomla, concrete5, Textpattern and also Pligg. It also includes WordPress which helps in building your website. Piwigo is an application of photo gallery while Omeka is a platform of web-publishing. This is for galleries, for museums and also for archive collections. Hence, there are varied options to build a site. Once there is a site, the users can use Builder of Mobile Site present under the menu of Domain. This is beneficial for creating a site which is mobile-optimized and hence is an impressive option.

WordPress Hosting


Dreamhost, similar to other competitors to offers this facility. In DreamHost, it is known as DreamPress 2. DreamPress can be referred to as WordPress hosting service which is managed. This service provides the website a treatment of white-glove. This is done through the auto update of the system software of content management which is a popular one. This performs daily backups in an automatic manner which provides the specific security of WordPress. The DreamPress further comes with storage of 30GB and is a single tier one. Along with the storage, it offers unlimited email along with data transfers on a monthly basis. It also offers free themes of WordPress along with all these.

Email beneficial for the users

DreamPress 2 lets the users install easily any desired plug-in. Apart from this, DreamHost lets its users create multiple numbers of email addresses as desired. There is a term of service which states the rule of DreamHost being shut down if the domain is used for purposes like spamming. Once the email addresses have been created, discussion lists can be set up further along with announcement lists. Message filters can also be created. DreamHost also has robust tools for email management. It also offers protection against anti-spam which uses the email blacklists.

E-Marketing and E-Commerce

DreamHost also provides ZenCart which is free. This can be accessed from the menu of install of One Click. The shopping cart is an open-source one which allows the users to check the products quickly, being available for sale. It also lets the users track the traffic of the site via the process of Chartbeat. This is, however, different from maximum services, focusing mainly on Google Analytics.

Security along with other features

On the email, DreamHost offers anti-spam but does not offer any other antimalware services. It has paid its due attention to the other features of the security of the website. The panel of control has a link which is easy to find. This purpose is beneficial for the editing purpose and edits the .htaccess file for controlling proper access and also for setting up a password at the site. Some site parts that should not get indexed can be blocked. The spiders can be blocked here. Cron jobs can be set up for scheduling the tasks as well as monitoring all other processes available on the site. It is essential for you to set up the SSL certificates of your own. It is important to note that this hosting service is not for the beginners.

In case you manage a team of software development, then a feature of DreamHost coming with Subversion will be very attractive to you. This helps you to manage the files of source code. It is very nice to view the option of setting up a very own repository. This has been made through the only assumption that you do not only use Git repositories, beneficial for the code. You do not need to worry if you do not want a blog or a website; there is a solution for this too. This hosting service offers storage plans of DreamObjects cloud which starts with a memory of 40GB for 95 cents each month. It can also go up to 20TB for a price of $299.95 monthly.

Uptime of Rock-Solid

Uptime of website is a highly vital element that shares the experience of Web Hosting. In situations when the site goes down, the customers along with the clients will not be able to access or find the products and services of you. You can totally count on the strong foundation of DreamHost for the website.

Customer service

DreamHost offers ticked-based along with email support. It also offers support related to online chat. However, the feature of phone call is not available and it can be frustrating to not be able to reach a human being in times of crisis. At the same time, it should be noted that the support from chat is extremely worthy. When I had called regarding the solving of an issue, it took me only a few minutes to get it solved.

Guarantee of providing money-back

DreamHost has an excellent guarantee policy of money back. According to the terms, it gives you the provisions to share the service of Web Hosting within a period of 97 days from the day it was signed up. You can then have the money being refunded. Most of the hosts offer about a period of 15 to 30 days and hence this particular flexibility is very much welcome.


Thus, overall it can be concluded that it is an extremely reliable and efficient web hosting service. Its simplicity and user-friendly interface make the working a lot easier than what it would have been otherwise.


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