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FatCow Review : Pros and Cons about FatCow.com

FatCow was established in the year 1998 and has made a successful name for it. It is popular for providing services for web hosting for small as well as medium-sized business. FatCow is managed and owned by the Endurance International Group that has emerged considerably as a huge hosting business group. It also owns other hosting companies like iPage, Hostgator, BlueHost, A Small Orange, Arvixe and many others. FatCow, other than being within competition in itself is competing with the partner companies. When I tried FatCow, I was extremely impressed with the service. It stunned me how distinct the company is!

There are four options in total if you wish to obtain a hosting strategy with this particular web hosting service. You can avail Original FatCow, WordPress Blog, Dedicated Servers and VPS Service. It is one of the many available hosting services which can help in boosting of almost 100% uptime. There is no perfect solution for hosting or web-based services, mainly in cases when different variables have been introduced, users can expect responsiveness and high uptime.

The company offers two plans, one being the Original FatCow Plan and the other being the Minimoo. Additionally, professional service has also been made available to the customers at a fee. This has come into operation for a while. While it had started in the year 1988 in Albuquerque in the state of the USA, it was brought over by the Endurance International Group as mentioned before. The parent company is a great online solution provider which serviced about 2 million customers across 40 varied brands. This has been done mostly acquisitions in the recent years.

The hosting plans and pricing are only available on Linux platform on Apache which is powered server farm. The website solely focuses on hosting services on a shared basis while making no attempt to mention cloud hosting, dedicated hosting or VPS.

MiniMoo – $5 a year

This is the low-cost alternative here and it is not a web-hosting service as such. It is actually beneficial for domain parking. Offering single page along with a single email account solution, it makes you get lucky.

The Original FC Plan

$3.15 a Month or $40 a year

This plan, however, does not allow for you to do anything more with your website.

In a theoretical manner, you need to be entitled to oodles of space in an unspecified manner and also to bandwidth. But I have seen that I am advised to cut down on the usage instead if they exceed the normal level of resources. This entails that the whole thing operates on the files and storage which are on the shared basis. The Original plan allows you to avail unlimited domains along with email accounts. There is also a registrar transfer till which allows you to automatically transfer the existing domain names. You can also engage the tech team of FC to perform a manual transfer.

The company states that the hosting plans which are shared do not perform any discrimination between business and personal use. It has a one-price philosophy which stands true to its words. It also wants you to know that your site can easily get access on the web in return for a reasonable amount. Moreover, the company also makes use of wind energy to power machines. Hence, this demonstrates the compliance of FatCow to eco-sustainability, which is a highly impressive feature. There is reselling scheme available for partners in addition to referral program for the new customers.


FatCow does not offer any guarantee of uptime level. Hence, they never care to publish any statistics regarding their uptime or downtime. However, the tools of system management along with technical folks work for all day long to ensure that the data center is kept to maximum uptime. Moreover, the architecture is also employed by the data center on all the various servers. This operation of backup is performed at regular intervals to minimize any risk related to loss of data. There are in total two firewalls which provide protection to the data center. This is under complete professional surveillance all day and night long, i.e. 24/7.

Along with this, an automatic backup is also available for customers who wish to pay in order to get the sites backed up on a daily basis. It comprises of the routine pertaining to daily backup in addition to a backup and a restore tool. In case you do not wish to pay, it is necessary for you to back up the data on a regular affair.


The support facilities arrive in the form of a user guide, a knowledge base along with tutorials. Additionally, they also comprise of support of 24/7 telephone, email along with live chat support. The company would like you to approach the department of technical support when you run into any problem-related to the service.

Cancellation policy

Any sort of cancellation takes effect only after 30 days after sending a written notice to the company. A cancellation fee of $35 is charged. The company also assures a guarantee of money back, which takes place within 30 days of you signing up. But this does not, however, mean that they will not refund the fee used for domain registration or any other service that you have purchased before. In case, you have been a recipient of a domain name which is free; the associated fee gets deducted from the refund.

What’s good? (Pros)

  • Strong record of uptime

I have liked numerous things about this web hosting service. Among them, the finest features are its uptime. I am extremely awestruck by the uptime record of the site. The company is extremely reliable which an essential element to own a website online is. This is true irrespective of you are utilizing for your personal or business use.

  • Daily Backup

I likewise loved the way in which FatCow provides a Daily service of backup. Most web hosts being on a budget do not do this. Hence, this is an incredibly huge benefit. If you wish to protect your information, you can avail the FatCow deprived of spending any money on backups of third-party.

  • Comprises of room to grow

FatCow also offers room for growing. It initially used to offer only hosting plans on a shared basis while it started to offer VPS along with devoted hosting in the year 2014. The additional options further mean that along with the host, you can grow.

  • Automate site back

In case, if you are not pleased with the services of the FatCow at any stage, then you can demand the return, but in 30 days only. You have to deliver the concept to the assistant group; FatCow assures to return all the web hosting charges as per your plans.

  • Efficient Marketing Tools

FatCow provides many different and useful marketing tools, that too 100% free to help in setting up your website quickly.

What’s bad? (Cons)

  • Internal upselling

It is important for you to know that FatCow involves in the internal selling. When you have signed up for the hosting plan, then FatCow tries to make you sign for the free software along with trials of web application. You can find this right in the control panel, which looks incredibly enticing. When the trial finishes, you need to pay. In case, you forget to withdraw the trial; it is going to cost you charges on the credit card.

I am not being against the hosting company, but if in case you are uncaring, you end up investing tons of money on the services you do not wish to cater to.

  • Hosting is extremely limited

Like most of the limitless hosting benefactor, FatCow promotes the fact unlimited hosting but does not come with the unlimited factor. The limitations usually lead to suspensions of accounts. When you are using up a lot of space along with bandwidth and time of CPU, it can lead to your account being suspended. It is only unlimited until the time FatCow chooses that you have used a lot of it.

  • Higher price offering similar service

Hosts which are also managed and owned by the EIG have plans which are obtainable for the minimum prices. FatCow offers the same service at a much higher price.

Along with this, there are some more things that should be known to you.

FatCow Special Discount

The web hosting service runs special discounts along with weekend promotions in a random manner.

Review of FatCow uptime

My record has shown that FatCow has been averaging 99.85% in the zone of uptime in a constant manner since the past few years.

I personally feel that it is a good deal as far as the technical capability; service along with support is concerned. It stands out vehemently among all its competitors in the industry of shared web hosting services due to its great pricing scheme. It has positioned itself as the most significant provider of online businesses which promises to provide the right kind of support. The simple along with efficient site builders and its support structure has proven to be an extremely attractive feature. Hence, it is favored highly among tons of internet newbies.

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