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Using Getresponse: My experience so far in the marketing sphere

Having a startup is not an easy job. I basically had to pour my heart and soul into the whole process. There was a lot of thought that went into the whole setup, and it took a lot of determination and gumption to get where I reached today. However, the infrastructure of any business is an ever-changing one, and you have to keep up if you want to stay in business. Given the sheer number of companies and startups that are on the rise, it was imperative that I go ahead and look at my business from a fresh perspective every single day. That way I could keep improving it piece by piece until I have something that is close to perfect. One of the biggest challenges of any kind of business is marketing. Marketing is something that can take you from a small one shop company to a large multinational. Marketing has to be effective and done in the right way if it has to have any effect at all. If you want to reach the top, you have to make sure that you take care of all the small logistics. Marketing is one of the hurdles that you will have to tackle first. When it came to marketing, I had a major problem. Companies around me were spending millions of dollars on marketing, and I had almost nothing in comparison to spend. It was for this reason that I needed to take care of the marketing perspective with minimal efforts and maximal results. That is when I came across Getresponse and their amazing software that helped me leap across the gap that had been created by my growing company, between me and my clients. Email marketing is the need of the hour, and Getresponse helps you make the most out of it.

What can it do?

Client Databases

To begin with, I use Getresponse to create client mailing databases, complete with the full set of information about any client that I procure from the client at the time they sign up at my website. This allows me to get the right information about every client of mine. That includes the name, email, phone number, and other smaller details like the country they are from and what kind of expectations they have from my company.

Many people do not understand the importance of having a database, but it has been one of the most important tools that have helped me build my business. When you have a collected database, email correspondence becomes fairly easy. You begin to realize that every client has specific needs, and many a time, these needs emerge in a pattern. For example, the needs of the clients in general on the Fourth of July will change from that of those on Halloween.

Keeping this in mind, Getresponse has helped me create a large and varying set of databases where I can segregate clients based on their needs. At the end of the day, all my clients needed was a company that was more personalized in their response rates and with the help of Getresponse, I could give it to them.

Designing E-Newsletters

I can now design HTML electronic newsletters. Giving the clients a sales pitch is never enough, I need to make sure that they are actively engaged in the happenings of the company once they subscribe to it. As a marketing person, I am as far away from programming languages as possible. However, the interactive user interface of Getresponse has helped me create my own content without having to explain anything to a middleman. The plus point of keeping a newsletter is that you can very easily keep your clients engaged. The other point is that the clients that aren’t really active stakeholders in the company will withdraw from the newsletter. I usually tend to keep my newsletters open-ended so that I can get a response from them. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is keeping them active on the whole network and having them participate in weekly or monthly newsletter activities helps me do just that. Additionally, it shows them that I am also actively involved in their lives. Sometimes I include client inquiries that are common in a crowd and address them in the newsletter. This helps me make a better connection with the grass-root level users. It also gives them the assurance that the company is looking out for them in the best possible way. Getresponse has been an instrumental tool that helped me make my own newsletters back when I didn’t have any person that was specified to do just this. Now that I do, the person takes care of almost everything and the only thing that I have to do is go through it once before it is sent.


With Getresponse you can very easily have autoresponders at your service. I had to, at first, reply to each and every person in a separate way and that itself would take up an entire evening. As my client base grew, so did the time that I spent replying to each and every one of them. What I needed ideally was a solution where I could type automated replies to all of my clients and make them feel automated in a personalized way. Thanks to Getresponse, I could get that done easily. In this case, the key is to be sure that you set a message that is very personalized and has a feel to it like no other. If my message sounded like a cliché generic message, my clients would catch onto it fairly quickly. The whole point of the message was to get in touch with the client and make them feel personally touched rather than being spoken to by a machine. That is why it took some due diligence and some work on the whole message. Today clients that subscribe to my company website are more than surprised when they get a completely personalized looking letter sent to them. It makes them feel important and puts my business at the forefront of customer satisfaction.


With Getresponse, I also get to do a weekly and monthly retrospective analysis of where my mails are going and how they are being perceived. Think about it, how often can one make out what happens with the mail that they have sent? I can very easily make sure that I know and keep track of all my clients. When you run a business, things might be slow to pick up, but once the clientele starts building up, it is very hard to keep a track of names and all the other details. Additionally, you want to know what is happening to the hundreds and thousands of emails that you are sending each and every day. It takes a lot of time and effort to personalize an email or even create a newsletter. Getresponse gives you the power to keep a check on all the kinds of responses. I have a proper count on the clients that are forwarding my mails, the ones that are deleting it and the ones that are putting it in the spam folder. This allowed me to create a reward and optimization-based system for the entire process. I can now very easily reach out to all the clients I want and thank them. If I see a sudden change in the email response, I can ask the client if there is anything that they are dissatisfied with. it allows me to know the inner workings of my company and what is happening with the product and the state of it.  The analytics part of the Getresponse software really hits the nail in the wall and helps this software to be an all-encompassing software.

At the end of the day, my overall marketing group has been kicked up a few notches in terms of performance. Getresponse allows the entire team to function in a better and more efficient manner. It also allows us to make a better and calculated approach towards our marketing campaigns. I have managed to eliminate so many redundant schemes and campaigns after seeing the rate of response. All you really need at the end of the day is a good amount of gumption and with the right resources, you can manage to make your product into a household response.

On the downside, however, Getresponse lacks a few things as well. It has a user interface that is a little graphic-heavy and a little difficult to understand for those that get easily confused with this kind of setup. It needs to adopt a more minimalistic approach towards the whole process and make the experience more user friendly. At the same time, it has the feature of creating emailable groups after you send out a mail. This just optimizes the whole process of sending out a mail and makes it easy for me and the team to work.

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