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Grammarly Review : The Best Grammar Checker Tool

Being a blogger, proofreading your content before publishing it, is the highest priority and at the top of the checklist you use before you hit publish. Not only as a blogger is proofreading crucial, but also when you are writing a professional email to your client, you want to make sure that you writing is sharp and grammatically correct. Some of you might argue saying that your content produced is what you feel at the moment of writing and doesn’t need proofreading. I won’t say that’s wrong, but for a freelance writer for whom every article is a deciding factor in bringing in new jobs and clients. Such writers want to make sure every article they produce is well proofread and has an impeccable grammar.

The usual way to do this is proofreading manually which would cost you a lot of time, auto correct and spell check tools. You may find auto correct and spell check tools useful, but they are not enough for a writer’s arsenal. At this point, you might think of getting a specialized software to proofread your writing. There can be a downside to this choice if made blindly. There are many such software out there that market their product over the top while it doesn’t deliver even a penny of its worth.


That brings me to Grammarly, a tool that checks around 250 types of grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes. You must have come across the way Grammarly is being marketed and you want to know if all that is true.

Is Grammarly really the world’s most accurate grammar checker?

This is one of the major questions I’ll be addressing in this review. Going by the stats, Grammarly looks solid. As I just said, it checks 250 types of mistakes, has a long list of features to help you improve your vocabulary and grammar. What’s cool about it is you can use Grammarly while writing or editing a word document. It has an extension for Chrome, add in for MS Office and a desktop app promising you a proofread writing no matter where you choose to write.

That means you can also proofread your content just as you are typing in your WordPress blog. Your Facebook posts and comments are proofread and checked for grammatical mistakes with the Grammarly extension.


You can easily get the extension for Chrome browser; it’s free and easy to sign up and start using it.

This is how you can use Grammarly in your browser.

Once you have got the extension, log in to your Grammarly account.

Here I’ll show you how I can improve the grammar in an email with Grammarly. Whether you are sending a personal email or an email asking a company to become your direct advertiser. Sending an email with perfect grammar is necessary.

email with Grammarly

You can see the two misspelled words are underlined. If you click on the red circle at the bottom of the right corner, Grammarly will show you the details of the errors.

Grammarly will show you the details of the errors

Grammarly also provides you with the solution to your errors. At the bottom, you can see it says, two critical issues which it has already addressed and 1 advanced issue which you could know more about after upgrading your account to premium.

Let’s take an example from my own blog. I had written a review of SiteGround web hosting and the title said “The hosting service that take care about customers”

This is a more common and realistic mistake that people make every day.

When checked in Grammarly, this is what I found.

SiteGround word example for grammarly

There are two critical issues. The verb “take” should’ve been “takes” and “about” as Grammarly suggests, is not the right preposition to use in this context. It should be replaced with “of”.

Wait, it’s not done yet. Grammarly has got a great list of features to offer. It’s beyond just checking grammatical mistakes. It goes further to explain to you what prepositions are and what is their use or what are they used to express.

Take a look.

Grammarly checking grammatical mistakes


Not only does it an in-depth explanation of prepositions, but it also illustrates the difference between the correct and incorrect use of prepositions through examples.

There is a very thin line between the correct and the incorrect usage of prepositions which we are highly likely to cross in our day to day emails or articles.

Let’s take a look at the type of errors that are checked with a free account.

checking errors with free grammarly account

  • Contextual spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Style

You can use all these features to proofread your document.

Testing the features

Contextual Spelling mistakes: Usually when you spell a homonym incorrectly, that is a contextual spelling mistake.

For example,
“Their is so much water in the streets”
“Your the best our team has got”
“I don’t no when the bus will arrive”
Let’ test these sentences in the Grammarly editor.

Grammarly editor

There we go. You see what I did there? ( contextual spelling mistake).
So, Grammarly has found all the mistakes that we expected. Also, it has suggestions for words to replace the incorrect words with.
It suggests that the writer has used possibly confused word in all cases where there is a misspelled homonym.

Coming to the second feature of grammar. We’ve seen how Grammarly accurately fixes the grammatical error in the example prior to the above one.

Punctuation: Now, punctuation errors are the most common mistakes that all of us tend to make very often.

Let’s test Grammarly for punctuation errors.

Sentence: The Rock said “It doesn’t matter what you think he said”
What Grammarly had to say about this?

It completely agrees with the people’s champ (the rock) but suggests a comma before the direct quotation.
Here’s the correct sentence.

Correct: The Rock said, “It doesn’t matter what you think he said”

Sentence structure and Style: This tool checks for incorrect sentence structure, misspelled words and the Style tool helps you improve your writing style.

Incorrect: “We have a lot of articles to be proofread, it seems impossible to do it all before Sunday”

The Grammarly sentence structure tool finds the incorrect sentence structure and also suggests to replace the comma with a semicolon as there are two different clauses in the sentence and must be separated by a semicolon.

Well, Grammarly has passed our test finding all the errors that we expected it to.
I would like to suggest you to try the free subscription and if you think is really helpful, go for the premium subscription.
There are many features that you get with a premium Grammarly which costs you $29 a month.

Now that you have a new tool in your arsenal, you can enhance your writing and hit the bull’s eye every single time, if you smell what the Rock is cooking.

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