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How to Build An Email List In WordPress?

Building an email list in WordPress is something that has got every blogger out there scratching their heads. While the newbies are unaware of the potential of an email list, rest of them are off the beaten path in building their email list.

Well, I have a good news for all of you – TheBlogTip.com to the rescue!

In this article, you’ll see what an email list actually is, why you should have one for your WordPress site and how to build it.

What is an email list?

As the name suggests, it is a list that contains the email addresses of all your subscribers who have signed up to receive notifications and latest updates about services and products offered by your WordPress site.

It is a great way to stay connected with your readers by giving them insights of any upcoming product launch, new offers on the services or updating your subscribers about a new service that you are about to start.

Why should you build an email list in the first place?

Are you reaching out to the audiences through social media platforms like facebook and twitter? How’s it working out for you? If you say it’s good, why not make it better?

  • Have a tighter grip: When you share your WordPress site’s updates on social media, you may end up being played by the algorithms of the timelines. Confused? Well, if you have a good online presence on social networking sites, you would know that your status updates aren’t going to be on everyone’s timelines forever.

Soon, your status update about your site’s new announcement will be one with the dust as more and more status updates flood up people’s timelines. In spite of having a huge follower base, you would only get a few people to actually notice your update.

With an email list, you can make sure all the subscribers read your newsletter about the updates on services from your WordPress site thereby tightening the grip on your audience base.


  • Precision in targeting the audiences: If your new service or product is targeted at an audience from a particular location, it becomes easy to reach them with an email list than with other social media sites.


  • Sky-rocketing revenues: Having the desired audience base in your reach and a better grip on them is surely going to result in increased traffic and conversion. An email list does play a crucial role in boosting your revenues.


If you are still stuck up on thinking that social networking sites are easiest ways to reach a bigger audience, let me tell you something.

Building a following on facebook or twitter takes way more time than building an email list. Another thing that makes an email list a smarter choice is the time period for which a user would see your update is very less on social networks.

Your newsletters are going to be there in their inboxes unless they take an action to remove them.

How to start building an email list?

Now to take care of the delivery of your emails to your subscribers, there is email service provider. To begin building an email list, you need to get off on the right foot by choosing a reliable email service provider.

These providers make sure your emails and newsletters reach your subscribers’ inboxes and not wind up in the junk folder.

Which email service provider should I choose?

There is no dearth of email marketing services in the market. You can find tons of these service providers offering you a great service at a low cost to beat their competition. I have listed a few of the best email marketing services in this article.

  • Aweber

One of the fastest growing email service provider in terms of popularity among the bloggers, Aweber offers great tracking as it not only lets you send emails but also manage your subscribers.

Moreover, to ease your internet marketing work a bit, it offers an autoresponder to automatically deliver emails, create emails, and based on the locations, target your subscribers – all with one click!

Do you like designing your emails to make them appeal to your audiences even more? Well, great news for you – Aweber lets you split test email templates, text color, headline, headline color, and a lot more.

Go for Aweber paying just $1 for your first month.


  • MailChimp

Another popular email service provider from the suit, MailChimp lets you create email templates, view analytics, track emails, setup autoresponder, manage subscribers as you send emails to all of them.

With MailChimp, your subscribers will get notified with an email every time your blog is updated. Pricing is what will make you drool over MailChimp. You can use their service for FREE, but hey, they say everything comes with a price and the price of FREE is limited emails and limited subscribers. (Up to 12000 emails and 2000 subscribers/month).

You need to pay after you reach the limitations.


  • GetResponse

Being the award-winning email marketing service that it is, GetResponse is one of the most user-friendly programs for bloggers who are new to the email list thing. It also covers the needs of a pro blogger with its GetResponse 360 premium membership which lets you send huge volumes of emails at once.

One of the cool features of GetResponse is its Contact Tool which lets you search for contacts, add, import and manage them as well. Manage autoresponder, create newsletters with its messaging tool.

How about a webinar? Won’t your traffic just hit the roof with an awesomely created webinar? With GetResponse you can create high-quality webinars with one click capture.

With a 30 day free trial and cheapest email plans, GetResponse is a tough competition to MailChimp and Aweber.

Growing your EmailList

Signing up for an email service provider doesn’t finish your job. Now’s the time to grow your email list by encouraging your visitors to sign up on your site for newsletters and related stuff.

How to do that?

Email subscription forms are the answer. Put them on your WordPress site in the best spot you could find and watch your email list grow.

  • Lightbox Popup


These popups have proved to be the highest converting email subscription forms. People have this misconception about Lightbox popup that these popups annoy the visitors and increase your bounce rate.

But that’s not true. Lightbox popups that use exit-intent actually never annoy the users, but as a matter fact results in higher conversions.

These popups show when a user would leave your site thus making a last attempt at getting a subscriber.


  • Floating footer bar

This is what appears at the bottom of a WordPress site when the users scroll down since it scrolls with the user.

Adding an email signup form to the floating bar is quite easy. Though they convert less than the popups, they are still an amazing option for email signup forms.


  • Slide-ins/ Slide-ups

You might have come across signup forms on websites that slide in from the bottom right corner of the screen. These most definitely catch user’s attention and aren’t annoying.

This could be a good option for your business site to collect emails from your visitors to grow your email list. You can find many plugins to create such slide-up and slide-in signup forms.


What to do next?

Now that you have signed up for email service provider and also have sign up forms on your WordPress site, you have set the things right to build an email list.

Where to go from here?

Put that email list to some real use. Interact with your subscribers giving them updates about your blog or different services offered by your WordPress site or a new product announcement.

Make the subscribers feel important by asking what they think of your posts or services and also ask for any suggestion they have to offer.

Maintaining that list of subscribers is also important as it is to build it. You don’t want any of your subscribers to leave. So make sure your subscribers are getting what they signed up for!

Having walked through different aspects of an email list in this article, I hope you now have a clear idea about email lists and use them to your benefit.

Drop in your queries and suggestion in the comments section below.

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