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How to Configure Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

There is an insane amount of traffic driven every day from Facebook to blogs of different niches. The growing potential of Facebook has paved the way for Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress.

Facebook Instant Articles are popular among all the bloggers and everyone’s in a rush to get the most of the Facebook traffic with Facebook Instant Articles. To keep things on an even keel I’ll tell you why it comes out as a boon for some bloggers and while for others, it is not quite the same.

Well, it is a boon because it gets your blog insane amount of traffic but it takes away the ability to show widgets or email box which some of you may not like much.

For all those who are new to this and have no clue about FB Instant Articles, here’s a quick overview.


Facebook Instant Articles – Overview

This feature of Instant Article by Facebook is implemental in solving the problem of slow loading of articles. What makes an Instant Article capable of solving this problem is the fact that it is optimized for fast mobile performance, has rich story telling capability and the ability to customize its visual display takes it to the next level.

Enabling this feature on your blog adds the Instant Article icon on your articles every time you share them on Facebook. The icon indicates that this is an Instant Article meaning it will open in a matter of seconds.

Instant Articles are new and have their share of pros and cons. There is room for improvement which shifts the game in favor of the pros. In countries like India, Philippines, Brazil and others Instant Articles can work wonders as these countries do have connectivity issues.

Now let’s get started with the configuration.


Configuring FB Instant Articles on your WordPress blog

  • Now that we’ve been talking about FB all along, start with logging into your Facebook account.
  • Go to the Instant Articles signup page and hit Sign up.

At this point, you will find yourself at the deciding ground where you choose your FB page that you would like to enable Instant Articles for.

  • Select your page and hit the button that says Access Instant Articles Tools
  • To access the configuration page you can navigate to publishing tools -> Instant Articles.

Now that you have chosen your page for enabling Instant Articles, it’s time to configure. Here’s what you gotta do.

  • Connect your site
  • Connect your RSS feed
  • Submit articles for review

These are three basic steps in configuring Instant Articles for your WordPress blog. I am also going to talk about the configuration of the Instant Articles WordPress plugin in this article. So, read on.


Let’s lay one brick at a time.


Connect your Site

When you expand this tab that says Connect Your Site, you’ll get a Meta tag which you need to add to the <head> tag of your site. Once you do that enter your site URL in the box and click Claim URL.


Now let’s move to the next part of our configuration which is adding RSS feed. For this, we will be using the WordPress plugin for Instant Articles.


Adding RSS Feed with Instant Articles Plugin

Now, to your WordPress blog. Install the official WordPress plugin for FV Instant Articles. Developed by Automattic, Facebook and other developers this plugin on activation will generate a new feed. To access this feed, just add /feed/instant-articles to your domain name.

Now get back to your Facebook page where you were configuring Instant Articles.

Here expand Production RSS feed and in the block under RSS Feed URL enter the newly generated feed and click Save.


Let’s configure the WordPress plugin now.


Configuring Instant Article WP plugin

To start using the plugin you would need an FB App ID and App Secret. So to get these, create a Facebook app. This may sound a lot of work, but relax it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Making a Facebook app is easy and takes only 5 minutes.

Go here to Add a new app.


When you get to this page, choose Website.


Enter the name of the app and click Create New Facebook App ID.


Enter the display name, contact email, choose a category and then click Create App ID.

On the next page enter your blog URL without http:// and click Next and Skip Quick Start.


On the next page, you will see App ID and App Secret.


To see the App Secret, click Show.

Now is the time to make your App public. Navigate to App review and there you’ll find a toggle button which is by default set to No indicating that your app is unavailable to the public.

Set this toggle to Yes.


Now, coming back to the plugin, copy the recently obtained App ID and App Secret from Facebook App to the plugin.

Click Next and when you are prompted to login with Facebook, click that and validate your login.

And from the drop-down menu, choose the FB page you are configuring Instant Articles for.

Hit Next and you’re done!

You have successfully configured the Facebook Instant Article for WordPress plugin and are now ready for the next step which is submitting articles for review.

Before we go there and wrap this up, let’s configure the styles.

In the Publishing Tools of the FB page, click Styles and then default.


On clicking default, you’ll see something like this.


Here you have to add your site logo.

Once done adding the logo hit Save.


Submit Articles for Review


Now, the final step and most probably the trickiest one. You need to submit at least 5 articles for review.

To do so,

  • Go to your site’s WordPress dashboard
  • Open 5 published articles or blog posts in edit mode
  • And save them all.

Doing this will send these articles and blog posts to your FB Instant Articles RSS feed.

And that’s when you can visit your Instant Articles configuration page and click Submit for review.

Approval of the submission may take around 4-5 days.

Now let me address the most important matter of concern for bloggers: Monetizing these articles.

Yes, you can monetize these articles using the Facebook Instant Articles. The best part of Facebook Instant Articles is that of the revenue generated through it, you can earn 100%.


On the Instant Articles configuration page, expand Audience Network and check the box that says you agree to the Audience Network terms.

Click Get Started.

This will take you to the Audience Network dashboard and the working of this is the topic for an entirely new article.

I shall discuss in depth how you can use this network and monetize your Facebook Instant Articles.

Well, so far, you learned what an Instant Article is and How you configure FB Instant Articles plugin for WordPress.

Every minute detail pertaining to the configuration has been addressed in the article.

I hope you take away a lot from this and for those who come across errors after submitting articles for submission connect with us on our social media or right here in the comment section. I’ll let you know how you can resolve the errors and get your submission approved successfully.

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