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How to create Sitemap and link to Webmaster

Isn’t your website showing up in the Google search results? If the answer is yes, your website is not connected to the webmaster. It actually means you need to connect your website to the webmaster via the sitemap. But what is sitemap and how to finish this manual task? In this post, I will be showing you how to create a sitemap and link it to the webmaster. If your CMS is WordPress, it will be easier for you to understand better. However, to make a sitemap for any website is same to any CMS.

website sitemap

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a website crawling system to index web page to webmaster or search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo. If you have 100 of posts in your website, but you didn’t submit your website to webmaster, then the search engine will not show your web page to search result as they don’t know about your website. In this regard, sitemap helps a lot.


How does a sitemap work?

A sitemap is a combination of several links appearing to your website. When you submit a sitemap to webmaster, it will tell the search engine what link should be indexed. A sitemap works even when you sleep. So, it is important to use sitemap because a sitemap helps your website to index any recent updates or changes.


How to create a sitemap

Creating a sitemap is not so tough for you if you follow some certain rules. There are several ways to create a sitemap. I am describing two ways of creating a sitemap.XML file here.

  1. Create a Sitemap by website :

    Create a Sitemap by website
    In this method, I used a website as sitemap generator. The link is www.xml-sitemaps.com . Here in the ‘input your website’ box enter your website domain name. Click on submit. Then this site will generate your sitemap automatically. However, wait for a while for the download link. You will then get a download link like the following image. Click on “here” and download it.
    sitemap download
    Now you need to upload this file to your website domain root folder. To do this, you may use FileZilla with the FTP account from your hosting account. I used my hosting account for better understanding. You are done. However, after explaining another method of creating a sitemap, I will show you how to upload your sitemap file to the webmaster.

  2. Create Sitemap withWordPress Plugin (YOAST) :

    To follow this method to create sitemap you must use WordPress as CMS because in this method we will use WordPress plugin called YOAST. And as you know YOAST doesn’t support other CMS like Joomla. YOAST is one kind of the plugin that accesses your website to create the sitemap, to verify your site ownership from the webmaster.
    Create a Sitemap by plugin
    From the Plugin option install YOAST and activate. You will find your SEO option right under the setting tab. Hover your mouse on it and it will show you some options like title and meta, social, sitemap, etc. Click on the sitemap. It will give an option like on the image below.

    Create a Sitemap by yoast plugin
    Click on XML Sitemap and you will be redirected to another new link. And yes, it is your website’s sitemap URL. You are now able to get visitors from search engine. But before that, all you need is to link your website and upload your newly made sitemap XML file to the webmaster. However, After clicking on XML Sitemap, you will get your link like the following image.
    xml sitemap yoastxml sitemap

    Before submitting sitemap to webmaster

    If you use the second method, then you just need to link the sitemap URL to the webmaster. But if you make your website sitemap by using the first method then you need to upload the XML sitemap file to your domain root folder. So follow the following ways carefully.

  • Login to your hosting account by user id and password given by the hosting company.
    add sitemap xml file to domain root folder
  • Navigate to the file manager. Here you have to find the public_html which is the root folder of youroot folderr domain. However, clicking on file manager, you will get root directory in a new tab. From the option click on public_html and you will get another box where your website information and root items are stored.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded sitemap file to this root directory like the image shown below.

add xml sitemap to site

  • Make a test on your sitemap URL whether it works or not. Click on that link the sitemap generator suggests you (see the 3rd image of this post) . If all okay then you are done. All you need is to link your sitemap to webmaster now.

Submit Sitemap to Google webmaster

Google is considered the giant search engine online. So, it goes without saying that to get one’s web page top of the Google search engine results is a lucky matter. But to get this, you must do an on-page SEO. As we know on page SEO, include the sitemap in the first list.

  • Go to Google Webmaster home page or Google search console. Google Webmaster Tools
  • Then click on ADD A PROPERTY to input your website domain name. Then you need to verify your site. Hope it will be easy for you. ADD A PROPERTY to Google search console Add website to Google search console
  • Then go to search console home page and click on the crawl. You will see a drop-down menu select sitemap from the list.add xml sitemap to google search console
  • Click on ADD/TEST sitemap and input that sitemap name which you created from the sitemap generator or the WordPress SEO plugin by YOAST. ( like www.theblogtip.com/sitemap_index.xml ). You need to input ‘sitemap_index’.add xml sitemap url to google search console





  • You are done. Check the submitted file. It may take a few hours to index your web page. You can check it from Google webmaster.indexed pages







Submit sitemap to Bing Webmaster

Go to Bing webmaster and click on ADD a Site. Add your site. Verify it. And then click on configure my site. Click on the sitemap. Then enter your sitemap URL here. Submit it. You are done.submit sitemap to Bing WebmasterThese were the possible ways to create Sitemap and submit it to webmaster easily. So I hope you will find this post useful and please share this post with others so that they also benefit from this.

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