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Interspire Email Marketer Review

When starting my new company, I was quite apprehensive. Being a shy person in general, I wasn’t really all that well versed in communication. It took me a lot of time to figure out the consumer communications sphere of marketing. Understanding the basics of email communications was no piece of cake either. Consider having to communicate with about a hundred people every single day. It is no job for one person. There are many reasons that I needed a good email marketing software. Other than the sheer number of people that I was handling on a day to day basis, there is a large volume of emails to send. Additionally, you have to make sure that you personalize each and every email to perfection so that every customer feels like they’re getting the personal touch. Once the decision to get an email marketing software was made, the second step was to find the right one. There are so many on the market today, it is almost impossible to zero in on any one particular software. It was then that a friend of mine that has a startup of his own suggested Interspire.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you would, as a startup, need something like Interspire to help you out. To begin with, there is the question of penetration. Email today is such an integral part of everyone’s life that pretty much no one is going to say they won’t check it anymore. Considering the sheer volumes of businesses that operate purely on email, it is important to understand the different concepts that come with email marketing. I had to divide all of my clientele based on their location, mainly because of the attention time frame. Every person on average checks his or her email twice. However, the important thing to remember is the fact that you can very easily get in touch with the people you want by sending the emails at the right time. Different emails are checked at different times because the working class would check their emails in night, whereas someone working from home would check it in the morning. It is important that a mail is sent at the right time to prevent any kind of spamming or deletion of the whole mail.

Ease of use

The whole point of getting the software is so that I don’t have to sit by the PC the entire day, nor do I have to hire someone to do it. The Interspire software makes it much easier to manage all the different kinds of email timings and made it possible for me to get in touch with all of my clients in a single sitting. Think about it, when you are in the middle of taking care of all the other logistics of the other things in your company, do you really have time to take care of each and every email? I didn’t. That is exactly why I had Interspire installed so that I could take care of all the emails in a jiffy. And take care it did, with state of the art algorithms that took care of all my emailing needs without me having to look at any one detail.

Wider Reach

One of the other reasons that it is really important to go ahead and get the right kind of exposure to this software so that you reach a wider audience. There are so many people that I can now reach through emailing and social media. The connectivity of people has reached an all-new high with this feature. The Interspire software helps me connect with a wider audience and market my products both within the far reaches of the country and internationally. This allows for a better profit margin. As a startup, you may have to face a few hardships at first considering how you can easily have to put in some money from your pocket. However, it is the effectiveness with which the message is sent that determines where it might land up. According to the wide-ranging statistics, about 18% of all emails get sent to the spam folder, with the sender being blocked indefinitely.

I realized a little late that I had to circumvent this problem because sometimes a customer might not even read my mail before sending it to spam. This makes me lose out on all the different kinds of customers that I could have gotten. If I were to send an average of a thousand emails each day, and about 180 of them just went straight to spam, my chances of having a solid client go down proportionately. That is why timing and the kind of messages sent is of the essence, which is what Interspire takes care of. All I have to do is make sure that I program the message and the kind of promotional campaigns I want to address, which brings us to the next point.

Promotional material

There are many kinds of events that I have to design just so that people get a constant reminder to buy my products. Think about it, the general rule of thumb in sales and marketing is ‘out of sight, out of mind’. As a result, I have to make sure that my products are fresh in the minds of my customers at all times. As a result, I am constantly innovating and making new campaigns time and again. Each campaign has to be different. Most of the times I tend to follow festivals and popular events so that the people feel closer to my product. This also gives them the freedom to get a discount which I specifically design for that event. The problem is that these emails are designed well in advance and a lot of effort and gumption go into making them. That is why I needed a software where I could store the emails that needed to be sent, and then have them sent at the right time.


My goal for my business development is time efficiency. After all, mine is one of many small companies and there are much bigger, much better brands out there in the market. I have to be able to make sure that I go through with the whole process without having to make anyone wait. The quickness of a campaign is one of the deciding factors when it comes to making sure that the campaign is released and the general public loves it. If I’m in time, I make a dime.

Keeping that in mind, I have to constantly be able to innovate and deliver a great amount of consistency. There is no place for the slow in today’s entrepreneur world, and being quick is one of the most important factors that go into any kind of a plan. My correspondence with my clients does not only have to be consistent, but it also has to be fast as well. When a client buys my product, an email has to be shot to the client immediately thanking them for being a part of the team. That is why I needed Interspire, which combined with fast-acting algorithms and quicker response times, gave me the perfect setting and made all the clients feel like they were being paid attention to. The mind of a client is such that if they get a prompt response, they tend to think that they are being favored over the common lot. This induces them to buy more and get more involved in the company.

All it really takes at the end of the day is some amount of quick efficiency to impress the clients. They love a company that does not spend a lot of lag time in giving them a response. At the end of the day, you want every client to feel like they’re at home.


The best part about these kinds of software is that they give you analytics so that you can cater in a very specific manner. The fact of the matter is that only a handful of my clients are actually interested. Of all the people that approach and even go to my company website, there is only a certain percentage that will actually do business with me. The rest may not be interested, but they might mail again. It is easy to keep track of the non-productive crowd when you are dealing with a few tens or even a hundred people. However, when you are dealing with more people than that, you have to be able to make sure that you have the right analytics of the response rates, the response times and everything else.

Keeping track of your business and the response that it is getting is quintessential to my business. I have to keep a track of all the orders that come and go, all the returned products and all the canceled orders. In this way, I can optimize my manufacturing and my delivery processes so that I give the right attention to all the clients in my company.


This might be a tough pill to swallow, but most emailing marketing campaigns have to be two ended. Many companies have massive email marketing campaigns with a no-reply clause. It means that the client or the person that was kind enough to subscribe to you, now cannot reply to your emails if he or she has a question. That is one thing that I could change the Interspire program. I could very easily get rid of that particular setting and keep my emails more open-ended. The only thing that really was expended was me having to hire a person to go through the barrage of emails that followed. These emails allowed me to have a better perspective towards the design and the manufacture of my product.

I love keeping my emails open for replies so that I can easily make sure that I can interact with my clients. My hired person now answers their queries and makes sure that they are thoroughly convinced that the brand works and is effective in many ways. It’s quite exciting what you can do with software like Interspire, and use it to shape and grow your business, making it bigger and better.  At the end of the day, you have to be able to ensure the fact that you get ahead and do what the multinational firms are missing out on. Client engagement is one of those things. There is a major breach when it comes to client interactions. That is why many clients seek the personal touch rather than being just a number to one of the many call center executives that are answering them.

All in all, Interspire has been a great help. My one criticism is that the software really needs some amount of attention when it comes to infrastructure and graphics interface. There are many different areas that need a little tweaking, but all in all, Interspire is the kind of software that you can very easily get together.

On the brighter side of things, this software is incredibly easy to manage and has a lot of easy to access options that newbies to technology can gorge on. Imagine not having to work that hard when it comes to your email correspondence. This software takes most of the weight off of your shoulders, and it is very inexpensive when you compare the price with some of the major brands out there today.

Marketing is a very big pit and you have to fill it up with the right content and send it to the right people at the right time. It is only successful when you research and do your due diligence on the crowd that you are catering to. If you fail to do that, you are basically taking a shot in the dark. Interspire has really helped me make the most out of basic things such as good quality marketing for a much lesser price.

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