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Long Tail Pro Review : The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

Are you getting tired of searching for a trusted and reliable keyword research tool ? Then you may have to come in touch with Long Tail Pro. However, in this post, I will show you what actually Long Tail Pro is and what you will get from this app.

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In this competitive world, most of the people are trying to grab a business. Online business is one of them and no busy people want to waste his/her valuable time finding a keyword that is not profitable. We want to boost our business but before starting an online business one must make an agenda to make it fruitful. For this, Keyword works as an essential and fundamental for any online business. So, it goes without saying that “To run a business without researching keyword is to shut down the business”.

What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro(LTP) is a keyword research tool that works on windows and mac. It generally runs on Adobe Air. This app is also called as keyword generator app. Long Tail Pro calculates and shows actually every nooks and corner of a keyword. We may find some free keyword research tools online. But that limits giving a short information. Here, Long  tail pro provides all information about a keyword that is generally required for the betterment of your business. High paying CPC keyword is essential for any niche web which we can get  from this keyword generator.

Importance for niche (KC-Keyword competitiveness)

If your target is to get Adsense then to make a real benefit you have to use high paying CPC keyword. LTP helps you find those high paying CPC keyword and its competitiveness. As we know niche sites generate more revenue than any other. So, I personally suggest that, for knowing a keyword competitiveness you should use LTP. To know the keyword competitiveness is to reveal the secret of a business. Profitable keywords are considered the dollar machine online that is received from some keywords generator like this one (LTP).


Seed keyword to long keyword

At first you generally make a list of seed keyword that is not fruitful for business. Then you really need some long keyword for betterment. LTP changes your seed keyword into long keyword and long keyword into benedictory short keyword. Are you worried to find your seed keyword list ? Don`t worry – Just follow this quick technique. Make a quick visit to Amazon, eBay, Flippa and see the product list to get a conception about your seed keyword. Actually, I am telling you to visit there not for the advertisement of that site. Those products are being used all over the world. That is why they are very much relevant seed keyword.

Smooth user interface

The success of any apps may lay hidden into the smoothness of user interface. As I told before, LTP is supported in both MAC and WINDOWS and it works well on both platform. While using this giant app you will find smoothness that makes the user happy to use it again and again. You don`t need any prior experience to use this app as it is made easy to use. Whatever you need to click on you find in front of you smartly. In the homepage, you will find a video that is a tutorial for you. So, it goes without saying that newbies are welcome to use this app. Some of the user experiences are given below :

  1. Easy to use : You get this app very easy to use from the first-hand use. We generally find no error while using.
  2. Loading time : Surprisingly you will find it very fast to load any link.
  3. Design : The design is overall very fantastic and nice to look on.
  4. Customer support : While finding support from the agent or authority we get them helpful and optimist. They actually provide 24 hours customer support. There we find no critical issue to contact the app provider but if any one fails to understand how to use any link or service they are always ready t help them.
  5. Simplicity : You will find no complexities while using this app because this app is made for the users or customers comfort not for the agents comfort themselves.


Some special features :

  1. Thousands of keywords in seconds : In true, you will get thousands of profitable keywords in one single click in seconds. Then all you need to do is to select your desired keyword and use it for your business profit.
  2. Keyword competitiveness learning : Keyword competitiveness is the main factor as it is important for search engines. You are just required to have a prior learning about keyword competitiveness to make it helps for your niche.
  3. Top of the Google : You will come to know about those keywords which are currently ranking on Google  10 pages (most people want to know). Not only for google but also for other search engines you can use Long Tail Pro without any doubt.
  4. Importing : There is another good usage of LTP, and it is the importing. You can import about 10,000 keywords in Excel sheet with a very shortest of time.
  5. Access to Platinum Facebook : By using this app you are allowed to the platinum Facebook community.Long Tail Pro special features
  6. Long tail University : You will get an access to the long tail university which is worth $197 in value that other apps generally does not offer.
  7. 33% Saving : If you make a plan for annual platinum service you can save 33% on your total cost.
  8. 10 days trial : No matter you are a newbie in this world. You are allowed to use all features of this app for 10 days as a trial version. Then you need to purchase it for grabbing all the features all day and all year long.
  9. Annual plan bonus : If you make an annual plan you will get a bonus facebook community after the completion of 10 days trial.
  10. Install : You are also allowed to install your Long Tail Pro on up to 3 computers as well.
  11. Language : LTP supports all languages so that you can make a quick examine on profitable keywords for your nearby places and towns.


Keyword analysis and investigations of LTP (Long Tail Pro)

As I told when you enter the LTP world you will find a video at the homepage. It will let you know how to use. Then you can have an access to the keyword analysis page to view a keywords pros and cons. You need to select a campaign and it is as easy as your knowledge. You will definitely understand where to go to and this will help you to rank your business rock. Here is a sample for your learning.

The arrow indicates some special features to use. It will help you to know the estimations of keyword competitions. Basically, You can make any keyword as a favourite to use for the next time. Here, you will also know the average searches, local searches, Global searches and advertisers competitions.

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Plans and pricings :

Long Tail Pro Plans and pricings

  1. How much will it cost ? = Long tail platinum annual plan costs $297 annually saving 33% ($37 in value). If you choose LongTailPro monthly plan it will cost $37 per month. Now it depends on totally up to you to select a pricing. But don`t miss any features of this giant app by purchasing a low plan or cheap plan.
  2. 10 Days : The 10 days trial version is entirely free for you.



LongTailPro FAQ

  1. This app is made for all kinds of visitors. So, the newbies don’t have to panic.
  2. If you feel any technical complexity, just look up on the knowledgebase of LongTailPro to get your answers.
  3. You are always allowed to cancel your subscription or any service at any time by making a ticket to the support center of LongTailPro.
  4. You are allowed to use all languages those are allowed by Google. As it is an another service of Google.
  5. You can buy your LongTailPro from this link http://www.longtailpro.com/

Above information for this app review is taken from our recent survey. You are always welcome to use LongTailPro as your main keyword research tool. You may take another one but you have to keep in mind that the cheapest are always a matter. Because it saves both time and labour simultaneously. To avoid wasting your valuable time and to boost your business there is no tool except LTP. To make a trusted learning about this app you may procced your mouse to their main website. However, in conclusion, I need to say that our team is also working using this valuable app named Long Tail Pro, the ultimate keyword research tool.

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