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MailChimp Review: Email Marketing Strategies Made Simpler

How MailChimp helps grow your business by effectively managing email marketing

Given the state of the market today, marketing is a tool quite essential to all companies. I personally think that MailChimp is one of the few emailing companies that takes its job seriously. It has been the leading company for years now, and even though I was quite skeptical at first to use it, it was the recommendation of the consensus. Provided the fact that my business was small and relatively new, I had many other things on my mind. As an entrepreneur, setting up your company is no piece of cake.

There are many logistical issues that you have to tackle on a day to day basis. Amongst all of these, it isn’t really easy to keep up with the emails that you have to send to all the necessary contacts, promoting your company. Long gone are the days when you built a business and it was the only one in the area, resulting in the customers coming to you. In today’s fast-paced world, your business is one of the hundreds out there, all accessible at the click of a button. If you want to stay ahead, you have to make sure that you engage your clientele. Email marketing was always on my mind as one of the core strategies for advertising my company for two reasons:

  • It would be used to advertise the company’s features and services to new clients
  • It would be used to keep the current clients updated with the latest happenings in the company just so that they have the company name in sight

Understanding these facts, I initially thought the process was going to be very easy. I mean, all I had to do was send some emails, right? Wrong. The process of professional email marketing is very complicated and requires a lot of attention. It is definitely not the job of a single person who is also tasked with taking care of the rest of the company. You need to analyze your current clientele, keep updating the template you use to send your mail, and use many other marketing tools.

You can’t just write emails like handwritten notes and mail them to everyone. Clients today have a short attention span. They need to see an email that grabs their attention and keeps them engaged enough to call me up again. Knowing this, I obviously had one of two choices. Either I put in an absurdly large amount of time and effort in programming such a software, or I delegate it to another company. That is where I heard about MailChimp.


The initial stages

At first, I didn’t really think that the business was a serious one. The website was really funny and linked to all kinds of YouTube videos and messages that made me chuckle. However, looking at their plan for any given business gave me an inkling to get the $10 premium plan, which is the smallest monthly plan which came with exclusive templates, marketing tools, reports, and analytics.

The good parts

  1. The interface was really easy to use and has some of the best features that I can integrate into my email marketing campaign. The software itself is quite user-friendly and the analytics of the system are quite in depth and powerful. It has a good division and segmentation workflow and customizes the marketing strategies as your list of clientele increases. With all of this being taken care of by the software, all you have to do is make sure you check it from time to time.
  2. The biggest relief I personally had was that of not hiring a web programmer. In the absence of these things, you would have to hire an HTML professional to do most of the work for you. And we all know how much they charge us for the smallest of issues. It’s best to work with an automated software that you can use to create a campaign in accordance with your vision and mission.
  3. As my business began growing, there were a number of different aspects that needed to be taken care of. Right from the news, events to press releases, I had to manage the sales of the products along with all of these. That is where MailChimp came in as a huge relief. It integrates client lists in a holistic manner and managed everything with precision and perfection. The email campaigns look very professional and the client doesn’t even suspect that all these emails come from a small business. In today’s world, where the client can almost never personally come to your office, how you manage your web content is the only deciding factor to how you are perceived. My email campaigns look as impeccable as any of my high-end competitors.
  4. It gives you the time-saving feature of replicating campaigns and lists. Sometimes I come across a lot of projects where I might have to use an email campaign similar to that of an old one, without having to start everything again. MailChimp makes that possible, saving a lot of time and energy and still creating the same impact on my clients as any other emailing campaign.
  5. The interface has a lot of features that help me really think my campaign through before sending it off. Starting from the scheduling feature. This allows me to time the emails to perfection. I have some clients that are overseas. The best time to send a client an email is when you suspect that he or she is checking their mail, because if you miss that window your mail might go straight to junk without being read. I have to take into account the estimated emailing time of my national and international clients and schedule the emails accordingly. That’s exactly where the scheduling comes into the picture.
  6. It gives you the capacity to conduct A/B testing with its reporting skills and analytical prowess. This gives me a better understanding of what marketing campaigns to stick with and which ones to get rid of in the long run. This is a very important feature understanding the state of affairs of the average customer today. Trends are changing almost every day, and with changing trends come changing likes and dislikes. I have to separate my emailing lists by the age demographic as well as the subset that likes different products and try to innovate my marketing techniques at every point. MailChimp makes that really easy with the A/B testing ability and gives the power over to the person managing.
  7. MailChimp has the ability to integrate itself with many of the other marketing platforms that I use on a daily basis. It is always very convenient to have all of the software that you use, synced up and integrated in an efficient manner. This allows you to get ahead in the marketing of your product.

The Challenges

  1. As a first time user, you might have to do some tedious work transferring to MailChimp from another mailing list. Some might even find it too cumbersome to try out, but trust me, it is worth the effort. The entire philosophy of the MailChimp business model is to convenience the customer at every level, which is what makes it unique and one of a kind.
  2. There could be more fonts to choose from when it comes to the customization of the product, but provided the state of the entire management of data platform, it is understandable to see a limited set of uniformly available fonts. I would personally like to archive my list of emails too. This would just allow for a better retrospective analysis of previous marketing patterns, allowing me to better strategize my future campaigns better.
  3. Even though most of the layout customization can be done through drag and drop, it is not always easy to form an effective communication bridge between the different components of your email. Text wrap could be made possible around boxed text or around image cards, etc. That being said, the quality of the design is second to none and better than most of the other competing software that I have previously tried.

Using in Real-time

MailChimp has been one of the most efficient software that I have used so far. I have been able to trump over many marketing campaigns with this software. I have also been able to segregate my consumer crowd into different subsets and write a different marketing campaign for each one based on their personal preferences. This allows me to impress all the clients on my list. All in all, the emailing system allows you to generate and maintain a lot of email lists, keeps in sync with your ever growing list of clients, and allows you to show them what your company is all about. It gives them the psychological feeling that your company is always around when you need them, and gives you the ability to send all important updates in time so that you can keep them informed. A must have for any business out there.

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