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[Trick] How to Make Clickable Images On FaceBook

Are you a blogger who’s trying to drive traffic from social media? Tried sharing the link to your posts in Facebook groups and still no signs of the expected traffic to your blog?
Have you ever thought what attracts our attention quickly? An image or lines of text?
Image, of course. What if I tell you, you could use just one image to attract people on Facebook to your post and also drive them to your blog at the same time?
Sounds like a package deal to me!

facebook clickable image logo

So, what is this thing that I’m talking about? And does this really work?
Clickable images help you to share the link to your post as an image, and when clicked, they redirect the user to any site or a page on your site. So far, so cool.
So let see how to make clickable images on Facebook. Let the action begin!

Uploading image on your website

First things first, get the image uploaded to your site.

Create New Page

Here, just to give you guys an in-depth demo, I have created a new page, where I’ll be uploading my image.

select the image and hit insert into page

Well, I am using WordPress, in case you are wondering about the UI that you see in these snapshots. I have a separate in-depth tutorial on WordPress.
So, getting back to uploading, select the image and hit insert into page button.

Publish page

This what your page looks like after you hit publish.
Now it’s time to move on to the next step.


Configuring your .htaccess file

There is no need to panic if you are not a programmer or have no experience with HTML and PHP.
All you need to do is add one line of code.

  • Locate your .htaccess file:

Using an FTP client like FileZilla, connect to your server and open the public_html file.

Configuring your .htaccess file

  • Edit the file:

Here you can see a .htaccess file.

Edit your .htaccess file

Right-click on this file and select view/edit.

.htaccess file

At the end, after the </IfModule> tag, add a line as in the following snapshot.

add link in .htaccess file


You can see the line that says redirect.
What follows redirect is the URL of the page where our image is uploaded. And next is the URL of the site/page where we want to redirect the image to.
Save the file and close it. FileZilla will ask you whether to reupload the file to the server, click yes.

Fetch new scrape information

Go to this link. It is Facebook for developers.

facebook for developers
Input the URL of your image here and click fetch new scrape information.

facebook fetch new scrape information

Facebook scrapes all the new information related to the URL.

Facebook scrapes all the new information related to the url


Post the link on Facebook page

To do what we wanna do, it’s better to have a Facebook page. It gives you the option to upload different images to your URL.

Post the link on Facebook pageRemove the link, and add some text.
What you are seeing now is the image on the web page that we want the image to be redirected to. You can change this easily.
Click on the plus sign and choose an image from your gallery.

Remove the link, and add some text

Click open and the hit the publish button.

publish clickable image on facebook
There it is. Your clickable image is ready. When someone clicks on this image, they will be redirected to the page you specified in your .htaccess file.
It’s simple.
Now that you know how to create clickable images on Facebook, I hope you utilize it to your best.
Let me know if you come across any trouble while implementing this and if you have suggestions on improving the method, please drop them below.

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