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Make Money From Adf.ly By Shortening Your URL

Anyone who has ever used the internet even once is bound to have seen adverts that claim to give you an opportunity to make money online. 99% of the time, these adverts are bogus and are, in fact, scams that you should avoid at all costs. These false advertisements have had such a massive impact that every time we hear the phrase ‘earn free money online,’ red flags are raised in our minds. However, I have found a legitimate way of earning cash from the comfort of your own home. The best part about this method is that there is no chance of it blowing up in your face, and it requires no special skill on your part.

Now that I have piqued your interest, I would like nothing more than to tell you this method. But before we get to that, I feel that there are some things that we need to discuss first. These aspects will help you understand how to make money with my method so that you don’t make any mistakes when following this technique.

Universal Resource Locator (URL) Shorteners and Their Importance

URLs are the web addresses that you see in the address bars of your internet browser. These URLs make it easier for you to share items with your friends and acquaintances as you can direct them towards the item in question. This process (often called linking) makes it possible for you to pinpoint the location of any resource on the internet. This can prove to be very valuable as you can share stuff ranging from relevant news articles to PDF versions of your college textbooks with your friends easily and efficiently.

The one aspect that people don’t realize is that every web page on the internet has a different URL address. This means that no two web pages on the web can ever have the same URL address. There is a downside to this fact too. Since web page creators struggle to come up with unique addresses for every page they make, it has become a norm that web pages these days have URLs that look something like this:

URL Universal Resource Locator

Notice how the URL is practically a sentence. The fact that URLs these days resemble short essays have made matters worse for people who like to share links. People often try to copy these links using the copy and paste feature on their phones, but for those of us who don’t own expensive smartphones, this can often be a nightmare. For example, if you miss even a single character of the URL that you are trying to share or access, your Internet browser will prompt an error somewhere along the lines of:

Mistake in URL

This can be quite frustrating chiefly because the length of the URLs makes it virtually impossible for you to find the missing character. To counter this problem, URL shorteners were invented. They made it easier for people to share links with each other. For the purpose of this example, let me show you what a typical ‘shortened’ link looks like:

Google URL shortener

All I did was paste the large link, and the URL shortener (the one I used for the sake of this example was the ever-reliable Google URL shortener) converted it into its beautiful and compact equivalent. This short link is much easier to share with your friends and relatives as compared to the original URL. Hence, URL shorteners can massively reduce the time we spent copying or writing links and make it easier for us to share these web addresses with whomever we want.

Adf.ly – The URL Shortener That Can Make You Big Bucks

adfly banner


As I stated above, the URL shortener that I used in the previous example was Google’s URL shortener. However, and believe me, when I say that I am more surprised than you as I write this, Google’s URL shortener isn’t the most commonly used platform for converting large URLs into their smaller counterparts. That honor belongs to a URL shortener that goes by the name of ‘Adf.ly.’

Depending on how much you use the internet, I’m willing to bet that all of you at one point or another must have at least once seen an Adf.ly page. In case you’re from the minuscule fraction of people who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me show you an example. This is what a typical Adf.ly page looks like.

Adf.ly URL Shortener

If you look closely, you will see that this link shortener is quite different than all other URL shorteners available on the internet today. The biggest difference between Adf.ly and all other URL shorteners is that Adf.ly does not let you access the link instantly; rather, it makes you wait for at least 5 seconds. After five seconds, the same page appears like this.

Adf.ly Skip ad

So, after five seconds, you can click on this new ‘Skip Ad’ button and view the link that you were interested in. This five-second waiting time is the secret of my method of earning money online. While you’re waiting for five seconds for this button to appear, Adf.ly quickly streams an advert.

At this point, you may have noticed that the main body of my browser looks blank. This is where your featured adverts will appear. The reason the body of my browser is empty is that I have installed AdBlock on my browser (more on that later). Had I not installed this browser extension, you would have seen some advert there.

How Do You Profit from Adf.ly Advertisements

Now the main question that you may have in your mind right now is, how on earth can these advertisements assist you in earning hundreds and hundreds of dollars? The answer to that question is staring you directly in the face. We all know that since the advent of internet and laptops, most people have stopped watching their favorite shows on television sets. Yes, they may watch their favorite sports event on a TV, but for virtually everything else, people tend to use streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube.

The migration of the majority of the demographic from television sets to portable screens has meant that companies have had to adapt to the changing times or risk being nothing more than a footnote in history (*cough* Nokia *cough*). I have seen that the majority of large enterprises in the market have gotten wiser to this act and have completely transformed their marketing strategies. Instead of broadcasting their adverts on a dying platform (i.e. television), they have migrated to the platform that continues to enjoy a never-ending increase in its popularity (i.e. handheld or portable devices). For example, you may have noticed that companies such as Nissan and Toyota have started airing their adverts before the YouTube videos of famous YouTubers like PewDiePie, Markiplier, and JackSepticEye This change of platform allows Adf.ly to maintain a profitable situation.

What Adf.ly does is that it contacts companies and shows them statistics like how popular a shortened link is and how much they stand to profit if they strategically place their adverts on these links. The more your link is clicked on, the more you are likely to gain the attention of lucrative sponsors. Every time a person clicks on your shortened URL, you are guaranteed a certain percentage of the profit that the company stands to make. Hence, by displaying these advertisements to your friends or colleagues who may click on the link, Adf.ly makes it possible for you to earn some money on the side.

This method has been tested again and again online, and I assure you (if you don’t believe the reviews of this service) that this method always works. There is no way you can miss out on getting a few dollars every time someone clicks on your shortened link.

How to Join the Adf.ly Party

Believe it or not, it is ridiculously easy for anyone to join Adf.ly and start earning money on the side. The best thing about this entire procedure is that it is free for all, which means that virtually anyone can make an Adf.ly account and set up a potential revenue stream.

Make your way to the official Adf.ly website and find the ‘Join Adf.ly’ button (it’s right there on the front page; trust me, you will have no problems finding this option). Once you click on this button, the following menu will pop up:

Join Adf.ly

As you can see that the recruitment menu includes fields like full name, username, email address, password, and an account type. The most important of these options is the account type. If you click on the down arrow next to this field, you will observe that there are two different types of accounts: Link Shrinker and Advertiser.

If you want to earn money from Adf.ly by posting multiple links that you think are very clickable, select the Link Shrinker option. However, if you want to use the Adf.ly platform to advertise your product, select the Advertiser option. The former earns you money for zero effort, while the latter may cost you some money at first but will increase your target audience considerably in the long run, which means that you can potentially earn millions of dollars. Keep in mind how you want to use this platform and choose the account type that best suits your needs.

One important thing to bear in mind is that you can only have one Adf.ly account per email address. If you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket, we ask you to create a new email address and set up multiple Adf.ly accounts with those addresses. This is done to ensure that no one abuses the Adf.ly platform, and things remain fair for everyone.

After you fill in the details, you will be asked to click on the verification link to activate your account. You can do this by making your way to your inbox, finding the email from Adf.ly, and clicking on the confirmation link that it has sent. Once you do that, you are good to go. A dashboard of a person who has verified his account looks something like this:

Adf.ly Dashboard

You can see that Adf.ly is giving you a summarized view of all your statistics, including factors like total earnings for the month and total earnings overall.

adfly stats

You can also see where you key audience is which can allow you to polish your product better so that it attracts, even more, people and hopefully, you can earn a lot of money by this method. There is also a graph that depicts your earnings vs. time so that you can monitor whether your numbers are going up or down. Remember that as a link shrinker; you are only getting paid if people click on your shortened link. However, there is one tool that can totally sabotage your earnings, and it is called AdBlock.


AdBlock – The Bane of Adf.ly’s Existence

As I teased earlier, AdBlock is something that can totally ruin your chances of earning money from the Adf.ly platform. As we have established thus far, you are paid every time someone clicks on your link as Adf.ly displays advertisements while your referred people are waiting for the Skip Ad button to pop up. By now, you must have put two and two together and can probably see why using AdBlock can stop you from earning money. As its name suggests, AdBlock blocks all advertisements on a browser. Whether you are using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari, if you have installed AdBlock, you won’t earn a single cent.

Thankfully, Adf.ly has countered this issue and has made it possible for you to earn money even when AdBlock is installed. Adf.ly tells people who have AdBlock installed on their browsers that the Skip Ad button won’t pop up until and unless they disable the extension on the Adf.ly platform. People who have AdBlock on their browsers see the following message:

Adf.ly adblock warning

Forcing people to disable AdBlock on Adf.ly enables you to earn cash via clicks on your shortened URLs. As demonstrated, this is the easiest way of earning money online. If you’re still skeptical, try it out for yourself; after all, it’s free to use. What could go wrong?

join adfly

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