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Make money online with Hostgator’s Affiliate Program

In a recent article, I discussed the ways to promote affiliate products on your blog. Here’s an affiliate program that is an easy and very effective way for beginners to begin affiliate marketing and use the methods discussed in the previous article to promote the affiliate product.

I recommend you to read the article about promoting affiliate products on your blog to get a clear understanding of the basic concepts of affiliate marketing.

Here’s a brief overview of what exactly an affiliate program is.


Affiliate programs

When a company or a service provider offers an affiliate program they do so to hike up their sales by offering appropriate incentives to their affiliates for promoting their products. An affiliate is a registered member who has signed up for promoting the products of the company. The affiliates get paid every time a sale is made. The affiliates are assigned affiliate links. When someone makes a purchase using these affiliate link affiliates earn a commission. The percentage of this commission is predetermined.

So that was an affiliate program in a nutshell.


Choosing the right affiliate program

With the ever expanding world of internet marketing, new companies offering different internet services are on the rise and so are their affiliate programs which promise to make you rich overnight. This makes it very important to research the program and run a check on the company before you sign up for the affiliate program.


Hostgator affiliate program: Way to go!

Now let’s look at why this is a good option to start your affiliate marketing journey with. As I said above the internet marketing world is expanding continuously and at a faster pace than ever. Any such company with a plan to make a name in the internet marketing community need a website to strengthen their online presence.

That’s when they need a hosting provider and you promoting Hostgator’s hosting services on your website is the final nail in the coffin.

Hostgator, as you know, is a hosting service provider and domain registrar that offers a wide range of packages to choose from. It also provides unlimited hosting packages which include unlimited domain names, emails, customer support and their best feature being their uptime which they claim to be 99.99%.


Getting started

Hostgator’s affiliate program is completely free for bloggers looking to increase their blog revenue by promoting affiliate products. Not only is the payout of this program is high but it is also one of the most reliable affiliate programs.

Visit Hostgator.com and navigate to the affiliate section and click sign up. You can sign up for a Hostgator affiliate account without spending a penny and also having a Hostgator account. They have a team of specialists that assist you in structuring your affiliate marketing strategy and to help you with every small hurdle you come across.

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Earn great commissions

The commissions you earn as an affiliate with Hostgator increase with the number of referrals. That is one of the best things you’ll ever come across in an affiliate program.


If you refer between one to five customers which turn out to be the number of people who signed up using your affiliate link the commissions you’d make is $50/signup.

If the referrals go up to be in the range from 6 to 10 – $75/signup

11-20 referrals can get commission as high as $100/signup

And when you go beyond 21 referrals a month you start receiving commissions of $125/signup which count up to a minimum of $2,625 a month.

Isn’t that something?


How does it work?

Here’s a pictorial representation that would explain the working of this program.


You can use your website or blog to promote HostGator’s services using the methods that I have discussed in the other article.

You’ll get a coupon code or an affiliate link that is displayed on your blog or site which links your readers to the HoostGator’s site and when they land on the HostGator’s signup page and complete the signup process, the qualifying signup will then be credited to your affiliate account.

At the end of every month, you are paid for each qualifying signup. That’s how easy it is!

All you need on your part is to sign up for the affiliate account and use the banners provided by HostGator on your blog or site to promote their services.

And once your readers start signing up through your affiliate link all you gotta do is just watch the dollar flowing in!


Some important terms and conditions to look out for

Once your affiliate account is approved you have to make sure that at least one customer is referred in 60 days.

The condition for receiving the commission for a referred signup is that the account has to be active for it to be a qualified signup and thereby make you money.

Every user can only create one affiliate account. Also, you cannot use your own coupon code to create another affiliate account.


Promoting affiliate link

The custom coupon code provided by affiliate program is one of its best features. As an affiliate, you can create a custom coupon code of your choice. HostGator offers 20% off for signing up for their hosting services.

To start promoting their services use the referral link (banner ad or text link) provided by HostGator on your blog or you can promote via email, social networks, etc.


Payment system

The payments can be received on a net 60 days basis. If you earn a commission of say $2000 in April, you’ll receive the amount around 30th of June.

You can choose to receive payments from any of their options that include check, Paypal or ACH.

I hope this is a good first step to begin your affiliate marketing journey with as it’s easy, free to start with and has the potential to bring in thousands of dollars.

If you find any problems in signing up or at any point in time while promoting the affiliate products and services on your blog, let us know in the comments and we will guide you through an easy step by step solutions.

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