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NeoBux : The Guide To Make Money Online From Home

So far I have given many exciting and innovative tips on how to fix websites, tools and so many other things.

Today I am going to tell you about how to fix your financial problems and streamline your life towards complete contentment. Travel with me through a website named NeoBux and discover how it works.

About NeoBux

Neobux is the world of making more money.

What's NeoBux?

What you experience here could change your lifestyle forever, once you join them and earnestly work with them.

You don’t need to switch your profession, travel far, sell something or please someone.

While you take some time out of your evening time, click on the links given here and view the advertisements, the ultimate result is this –

Cash flowing into your account.


This may sound insanely incredible in the first instance you read this. Once you start earning regularly, it becomes a part of your professional life.

Neobux is a PTC (Paid To Click)site

They have been working real hard to build up new avenues for you to generate extra income. Also they have established business contacts with numerous business entities online.

As a result, people here connect every potential advertising company with millions of viewers all over the world.

This process creates a two-way traffic flow at micro levels of floating advertisements and macro levels of fixed advertisements to reach every potential buyer.

You might come across thousands of ads on TV, social networks, hoardings, banners, brochures and so many other forms. Most of them annoy you as they obstruct your favorite TV programs, chatting, reading, watching movies, driving on roads and so on.

You try to avoid them by switching channels, blocking ads and plainly ignoring them.

What if I say you get paid for watching them, an interesting proposal isn’t it?

Well, this is exactly what they will be doing for you here at NeoBux.

How does it work?

They have established an ever expanding network of advertisers and viewers all over the world who mutually benefit by sharing and watching advertisements related to products, services, entertainment, leisure & holiday, fun and games, etc.

The advertisers get growing publicity through visibility, and you get paid for watching their ads.

There are also other PTC sites like Neobux, clixsense is one of them.


Start Clicking And earning Now

You need to click on advertisements in various sections of the site and follow their links. You may be asked to perform some simple tasks like filling an online form, giving referrals, using banners, renting referrals, referral recycling, using AUTOPAY and plenty of other features over here.

Every type of tasks has its unique format and set of procedures. Most of them can be completed in just a few simple steps. Once you are through with it, you will be able to receive cash for completed tasks.

The site neobux.com gives you comprehensive details about how much you can earn per day and all related formalities and procedures.

Make sure that you don’t skip any of the steps to make you qualified for the payment by reading the instructions carefully. 

Online help is always available at the site which gives you microscopic details about how every cent flows into your account online.

Honesty And Guarantee Of NeoBux

I am aware of many fraudulent companies online taking advertisers and viewers for a ride and depriving them of their rightful share of profit. People on this website do not ask you to make any upfront payments, your credit card details or go through any hardship. They have been honestly paying since 2008. Just register at this site www.neobux.com, start clicking, completing tasks, refer their forums to earn more money.


Viewer Members

  • NeoBux has implemented transparency at all the levels of communication with the advertisers and viewers. They make you clearly understand conditions and private policy explicitly without any hidden parameters or agenda.
  • Exposure to wide demographic range all over the world makes your clicking worth in cents and dollars in just a few minutes.
  • There are five classes of advertisement watching from standard to ultimate, going through Golden, Emerald Sapphire, and Platinum Diamond. There are also many types of clicks based on exposure levels. The payout you earn from this site will depend on the permutation and combination of these two factors.
  • You need to pay a small fee for processing your payment. Get paid through various payment processors that are available at NeoBux.
  • You can ask your friends and family members on your part to carry out the clicking tasks. Please read through the conditions associated with these options at this website neobux.com to get specific details.



When you pay out for every click on your advertisement, you are in fact building a vast network of your products and services all over the world. This network of online viewers is gigantic in size and filled with huge social and business links, online and offline people who are eagerly wanting to make money online.

Things viewers like
  • If viewers like your advertisement, then they surely remember it whenever they think of buying products and subscribing to similar services next time.
  • As a result you can get new customers from this site.
  • In addition to the quality of products being advertised, viewers also care about the content of your advertisement.
  • Any catchy word or slogan can become a fashionable word in the vocabulary of viewers who watch your ads.
  • It creates paths to voluntary and reflex referrals to your site when they chat with their friends.
  • You decide on the number of clicks, and their frequency on your site links every day. This as a result helps you in planning your budget for advertising.
  • Furthermore, you can have the privilege of testing your revenues in the post advertisement period and decide on continuing with this site NeoBux as it means many things.
  • Sustenance and profitability are two parameters which make every advertiser think many times before going for pay to click.
  • They also offer some of the most reliable channels through which  certain viewers  bring you trusted flow of funds periodically.


Simple Steps From Clicks To Bucks At NeoBux

The steps you need to follow are very straightforward and time-saving for you. Just register with NeoBux and start working. During the registration, you get a confirmation mail to which you need to respond.

Once this is done, you have joined this website for free and ready to use available services. Now you can start viewing advertisements and start clicking on them.


View Advertisements

neobux dashboard

Figure 1.1 Initial screens you get to see after successful registration

At the starting stages, I recommend that you read through all available options in this screen and learn about their features and benefits.

Click on view advertisements button on the screen and you will be directed to the next screen.

neobux advertisements screen

Figure 1.2 view advertisements screen

This screen is quite lengthy, and hence I have shown you only part of it above. It consists of many options for fixed advertisements, micro exposure, and expired advertisements.

Fixed Advertisement

Every link in this section is associated with some unique offers from neobux.com.

With every view, you will be able to earn cash as well as bonus points. It includes points, AdPrize chances, and options for winning attractive prizes which are drawn every hour at this website.

Mixed Exposure

This too contains links to advertisements which you can click open to watch and earn points, also fixed number of AdPrize chances and additional prizes which you can draw every hour.

Fixed Advertisements(yet again)

It offers cash and bonus packs. You have the choice of selecting any of the options you feel right and go ahead with watching advertisements.


How You Get Paid

NeoBux pays you through Trustwave, PayPal, Payza, NETELLER and Skrill. All payment procedures are foolproof and on time. You don’t need to keep reminding them about your payments as the processes are automated. Because all the payments are processed instantly.


Open and Closed Advertisements

Once you have entered and viewed a specific advertisement, you will not be able to view the same for the next 24 hours as you get an error message.

 This implies the Ad is CLOSED. 

The numbers to the left of AdPrize in figure 1.3 show the OPEN Ads at any given point of time.

neobux Numbers indicate the Open advertisements

Figure 1.3 Numbers that indicate the Open advertisements

Additional Points About NeoBux

Things to remember
  • Every time you click on a specific advertisement, some AdPrize options get added to your account. They are the chances for you to win additional prizes by browsing through the ads listed in there.
  • Read through the terms of service and privacy policy and note down the important points which you may override by mistake. It is important that you don’t break any of the neobux.com rules to continue with your membership.
  • Avoid hacking and negative practices to win points and earn money from the site. The site is capable of detecting any such moves and deleting your membership permanently.
  • The Offers menu has a special section called Mini Jobs. Here you can find many types of Online Jobs like Data recharge, Video Watching, and plenty of other options. You can earn plenty of coins from them.

How To Be Successful At NeoBux (Must Read)

Most of the people who have joined NeoBux and worked regularly have made it a full-time employment because, there is no limit on how much you can earn from NeoBux.

From the personal journey...

I started clicking ads daily, without missing any of the ads. This continued for few days; I saw that I was only making a few cents a day.
As this was my first money earned online it didn’t make me think it was little, rather made me happy.

The rented referrals make you the real money.

I went on the forums and saw that all top earners of NeoBux had like 1000’s of rented referrals.

Yes, guys rented referrals is the key to success in NeoBux.


Earning through referrals

Once you have collected enough money to buy your first rented referral.

Don’t just go and buy them right away. Collect some additional money to recycle them if they didn’t click the ads.
Because recycling them also costs you some cents. Grow your rented referrals as you get profit.

Once you have enough money to purchase the golden membership, go ahead and buy it. This will double your earnings.

Build your referrals and keep upgrading the membership. Once you reach the Ultimate membership, you will just have to manage your referrals.
If you can invest then, you will be able to speed up this process.

But I recommend you begin without investment if you are a total newbie to the online money making world.

Benefits you earn from NeoBux.com

 # I wish to become member and make money

As a member, you have the privilege of getting access to multiple advertising sites which offer many options for earning and saving money.

You are always sure of getting fixed minimum numbers of advertisements for you to work on every day. If you can extend your working hours you can expect to earn better.

This PTC site provides you statistical information about the clicks made, sites visited, forms filled, surveys done and many other activities regularly.

It ensures transparency between you and system at NeoBux which works relentlessly for you in the background.

It is not just the money that makes you happy, but the contentment of working with a growing online community which believes in sharing profit with its members, by offering easy to work options.

# I wish to advertise

Your advertisements can and do reach out to millions of users every day. This is a vertically growing and horizontally expanding market promoted by voluntary advertisement viewers and promoters.

  • Information about your products and services can penetrate deep into the online markets where none of your marketing executives can even think of reaching out.
  • You are paying at a rate which is highly economical for the volume of returns you get. It is almost like spending $1 for advertising a product and getting $ 10 in return as net profit.
  • Get detailed statistical reports about your product and services followers, clicks made, forms received, advertisements seen and others. You will be able to match it with your sales report and company balance sheet at the end of every financial period. You will be surprised to find some phenomenal developments with time.

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