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How To Prevent Comment Spam In WordPress Effeciently

Comment spam has become a way of life if you too have a blog. By the use of WordPress, you do have not only strong built-in tools for preventing the comment spam but also a wide array of spam protection along with defense plugins of comments. It also comprises of methods for choosing from in case you feel the need for additional protection and coverage. Are you recently receiving tons of spam comments on the blog of WordPress? Worry no more as there are tons of individuals sharing the same story with you. I have listed down few of the tips or ways that can help in combatting the spam of comments in the WordPress.

Activate Akismet

This is considered as extremely helpful tip along with plugins for the website, WordPress. This removes the hassle of downloading it separately as it already remains downloaded. All the installation of WordPress is already installed and you do not need to install it. It is essential to activate while getting a key of API. More information about Akismet is available on the guide to Akismet. If you do not avail this, then there is no way to prevent the spam. At times, the positive comments do get categorized as spam, although it can also be recovered by going rigorously through the SPAM comments.

Reduction of comment spam by the use of Cookies

In order to apply the method, you need install and activate cookies for comments plugin. Most of the spam comments are automatic scripts and hence they don’t load any images or stylesheets from the site. They just go to the comment form and fill in the comment. This particular plugin adds an image or stylesheet to your site and when it is loaded a cookie is dropped. When the user /spambot enters the comment the plugin checks for the cookie, if it is a real user then it would find the cookie. If it’s a spambot the cookie won’t be present, and the comment is marked as spam.

The use of Honeypot

This technology is an extremely effective method for the purpose of tricking spambots for the purpose of identification. Initially, the installation needs to be done and also activate the Spam Fighter of WordPress. When it is activated, you can simply go the menu of settings while enabling the protection of honeypot. This helps in adding a form which is hidden to the comments area which is only visible to the bots. These bots are then programmed in order to write all of the fields in one single form, thus revealing itself as a spambot.

Adding of Captcha Verification

The use of plugin named WP-reCAPTCHA enables you to avail the challenge of ReCaptcha on the forms of comments. Recaptcha then displays a picture which comprises of characters and users which are required to type the characters for proving that it is being typed by being human beings. Recaptcha is a highly effective way for blocking the spambots, while does nothing for preventing the site from the manual submission of spam comments. Also, this method is a fast along with an efficient way of blocking spambots.

Removal of Field of Website URL from the Comment Form

The URL field present in the comment form does not only attract the spammers but also further invites individuals having no single interest in the discussion. The spam comments comprise a single line consisting of two irrelevant non-senses. The name of the author posting the comment consists of a keyword along with a combination comprising of real names which have a keyword. It also consists of a combination of the keyword. While the field providing the URL is removed from the comment form, it discourages making any similar behavior on the website.

Disabling the comments on the media attachments

Pages of image attachment are automatically created by WordPress where the users view the image and can also write down a comment. When the images are linked to the page of attachment, this gets followed by having tons of attachment pages comprising of comments enabled. When the images are the main constituent of the content then it is okay. On the other hand, if the individuals do not wish for the users to place any comment on the images, then you need to turn off the comments on the media attachments.

Disabling HTML in the comments

This is another useful tip for discouraging the links in the comments.by disabling the HTML in the comments; it is a simple way to stop the comment spam. The best way for doing this is the use of the comments plugin of Peter’s Literal. The plugin needs to be installed and then activated. This further changes the double quotes along with the less and greater than signs right into the entities of HTML.

Less Captcha

As I have already mentioned previously that a lot of users search CAPTCHA extremely annoying as well as disruptive. There is a less irritating alternative to it which is the plugin of Math Quiz. This plugin asks the users for solving a math problem which is extremely simple. This further proves that it has been typed by human beings. The plugin needs to be installed and then activated. For this, visit Settings followed by Math Quiz for configuring it. This plugin paves the way for modifying the form of comments. Although in maximum cases, there is no need for it. It further allows the users to choose your liking, i.e., whether you want a picture being based on the quiz of math or a simple one which comprise of a plain quiz. Plain text is sometimes not that much readable and is challenging for solving by the spambots.

Disabling the Trackbacks

An extremely important constituent of the spam of comments is trackbacks. While it is not necessary for some of the available blogs, it is necessary for some. You can simply opt for disabling the trackbacks on the whole blog or even in just a single post. It further prevents the commenting and is also incredibly easy to perform.

trackback disable

This can be found by visiting the section Settings followed by Discussion. This turns off the trackbacks for the entire site. But in situations when you wish to turn off the trackbacks for a particular post, you need to specify it by writing a post or even by editing a post and then changing the option.

Turning the comments off on the old posts

WordPress facilitates its users to set up a comment being close to the deadline. You can quickly go to the Settings tab, and then in Discussion under which you will find the option ‘Other comment settings.’ Under this option, you can view the option of closing the comments on articles.

disable comments

You need to select the box lying next to the said option while entering the total days required to display the comments on a single post. WordPress then automatically closes the comments on the previous posts. In situations, you can also override the comment deadline in the WordPress for each post where you wish the comments to be open.

Switching off the comments

If you feel that you no longer need any comment on the WordPress, or even when things go out of control, you need to remind yourself that you easily can switch the comments off in WordPress. The things that you need to do are visit the Settings section and then go to Discussion. This needs to be followed by you unchecking the box lying next to the option which allows people to post the comments on new articles. You can also create comments for the registered users just by checking box in the Settings and Discussion page.

It is essentially important to counter these problems as the level of spam can highly damage your reputation among the commentators and the readers. Hence, it is important to face the spammers while thwarting the attempts for spamming your WordPress. This is not an endeavor which consumes time, thankfully. If the website is configured correctly along with the installation of an anti-spam plug-in, then the majority of the spam gets eliminated. Thus, the above-mentioned points are the ways that can help you to prevent comment spam in WordPress. If you are facing the same situation, then you can take the aid of these helpful tips and get rid of this problem.

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