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Publish Posts To Your WordPress Blog On The Go Through Emails

The world around us moves fast, really fast. And to keep up with the pace we move faster. This race consumes most of our time including our leisure time. In this scenario, it is very difficult for a blogger to update his blog by publishing newer posts on a regular basis. There’s a way around all this. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just send an email and your post is published to your WordPress blog?

This makes it possible to publish posts to your blog from anywhere. No matter where you are or what you’re stuck doing. Publishing post to your blog is at your fingertips.

In this article, I’ll be taking you through the whole process (small and simple) step by step.

The good news                           

You don’t need any plugins to do this. WordPress has the built-in feature to let us publish posts through emails.

Synchronize your WordPress blog With Email

This is the first part of the whole thing. First, you gotta synchronize your blog with the email account. To do this follow these steps:


We are not going to use the same email account that we use for general purposes to publish the post to the blog. For this matter, the first thing on the to-do list is to create a new email account- a secret one. Make sure you use this account only for this purpose.

This email has got to have POP3 access. Why POP3, you ask?

Your email needs to have POP3 access so that WordPress can detect your email when you send one to this email address.

This email address can be anything like this –


Once you have registered such an email and enabled POP3, move on to the second step.


The next important step is to configure WordPress settings for your newly created email. Login to the admin panel of your WordPress blog.

Browse to Settings and click on Writings.

Here you’ll see “Post via email” tool. This is how it looks.


I’ll walk you through the settings that you need to know what they are there for.

  • Mail Server

Your email provider has a mailing server. In this box, you need to enter the URL of the mailing server. Remember to enable POP3 and also enter the correct URL. Here I have got a list of a few mail servers of popular email service providers.

Email Provider Mail Server URL Port
Gmail.com ssl://pop.gmail.com 995
Mail.Yahoo.com ssl://pop.mail.yahoo.com 995
Mail.Live.com pop3.email.msn.com 110


  • Login Name

In the first step, you’ve created a new secret email address. Enter that email address here.

  • Password

It is what it looks like. Just the password of the new email account.

  • Default Mail Category

All the posting job will be done from your email. So you need to have a default category. You can choose one here. You can add more categories after publishing the post too.

So that’s about it. Hit the Save button and your blog is synchronized with your email.


Publishing post to WordPress blog through email

Now comes the most awaited part of this article. Let’s set the trick in action. (Though it’s not a trick!)

Once your blog is synchronized with your email, it’s now time to publish a post via your email address by sending an email to the newly created secret email address.

In this article, I’ll show you how to publish a post via Gmail. You can use the same technique for other email providers as well. The process is quite similar for other email providers.


Visit Gmail.com (or any email provider of your choice) and login to your account.

There’s one more thing you need to remember:

The email address that you use to publish a post to your blog can be any email address. It doesn’t have to be a specific one. All you gotta make sure is that you are sending the emails to the right email address i.e. the one synchronized with WordPress.



Start composing a new email.



When you compose this email, it’s very crucial to get the recipient email correct.

As I said previously in the article that the email to be synchronized with WordPress should be something like this – gaejgeagiilk34@email.com , make sure there are no discrepancies in the email address that you enter.

The Subject of this email will be the title of your post.

And the body will be the post.


As you can see in the above snapshot, Gmail does provide standard email editor which has most of the features that you need to edit a WordPress post. If your email provider doesn’t support attaching files or images, not to worry. You can upload them.

Once you’re done with writing the post and adding the correct email address and the post title, go on to the next step and hit Send.


Once you have sent the email, go to your blog. While entering the URL of your blog, add “/wp-mail.php” at the end of it.

You’ll be directed to a page where you’ll see the notifications related to the post through email.


One last important thing:

If you want your post to be published directly and not to be saved in the drafts, use the admin email address to send emails.

So this was how you publish a post via email. This takes off a lot of constraints of you as a blogger giving you the freedom to publish posts to your WordPress blog from any device, anyplace, and anytime.

So try this out and let me know publishing experiences in the comments down below. Happy publishing!

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