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SEMrush Review: Keyword Research Tool to Uncover Hidden Gems

Got a blog but not the desired traffic? Having a hard time finding the right keywords? SEMrush is all you need.

What is SEMrush and why use it?

SEMrush is an SEO tool used to perform keyword research, track competitor’s backlinks, analyse any website traffic and much more.

Even find your competitor’s keywords, analyse the high performing ones and drive more traffic to your blog using this SEO tool.

NFS : Need For SEO

It is a well-established fact that increasing your search traffic is equally important as creating quality content.

There are millions of blogs out there, and many of them are just like your blog. In that case, your quality content alone is not enough.

To drive more traffic to your blog, you need it to be SEO optimized. And that’s where SEO tools come into play.


To help you choose the best of them here is a complete SEMrush review. SEMrush has more than 46 million domains and 120 million keywords in their database.

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Keyword Analytics

SEMrush lets you find your competitor’s high performing keywords and you can also see the rankings of those keywords. Having this knowledge gives you a clear idea of what keywords to include in your content in the future.

To give you a clear idea of this feature of SEMrush, I’ll show you an example of a keyword research that I did to check the keyword rankings.

semrush keyowrd research




I did a keyword research for “SEMrush review” and here is the report.

Let us understand a few terms here.


The keyword we wish to find the rankings for.
The ranking of the particular keyword in the search engine. In this example, Google’s U.S database, which the default.
It is the number of queries for the given keyword. This number is in context to the specified database.
The average revenue generated by the clicks on the ads by the user. (average cost per click).
It is a measure of advertising competition for that particular keyword. If the number tends to one (1), it means the competition among the advertisers for this keyword is high.
The number of URLs displayed on searching for that keyword in the specified search engine.

Since I have been talking about competitors from the start of my review, it’s time you see how to find competitor’s keywords, traffic, and backlinks.

How to spy on your competitor:

One of the top competitors in SEMrush reviews is Shoutmeloud and I decided to check their keywords and analyse which keyword drive the most traffic to their blog.Shoutmeloud

You clearly get an overview of number of keywords, traffic and the traffic cost.

The 174K keywords specify the number of keywords that appear in Google’s top 100 search results, which bring users to this URL.

Now, we analyse these keywords and find the high performing keywords based on their rankings, volume and CPC (cost per click).high performing keywords

The keyword driving the highest percentage of traffic (9.32) to the blog is “blogspot” which has an average CPC of 1.0 USD.

If we go by the volume, “gmail account” is the high performing keyword with a volume of 301K.

Since, we are concerned about the SEMrush review of this blog, we apply filters to our keyword research: Include>keyword>containing>SEMrush review.semrush review

Here, the high performing keyword for the review is “semrush review” ranking 1st with an average CPC of 4.90 USD.
Let’s dive into Domain Analytics to analyse the URL with the best performing keywords.

Domain Analytics:

Domain Analytics

The organic search shows the traffic for that particular URL, keywords and traffic cost. We can also check backlinks, in this case the number of backlinks is 1.



The above screenshot gives a clear overview of the backlinks.
Backlinks type: there is 1 text link.
It also shows the referring page title and link along with the anchor text and link URL.

Anchor text is the clickable text of a backlink.

Backlinks report
  • You can see the URLs of the target pages and source.
  • View the number of external and internal links.
  • An external link points to other website’s pages while an internal link points to the webpages that are within the same website.

To get a better understanding, here’s a screenshot.

Backlinks 1Here, the blog URL has 456 external links and 76 internal links. Also you can view the Anchor text. Let me show you another amazing feature of SEMrush Domain Analytics.

Organic competitors

SEMrush lets you view all your competitor’s common keywords and the also provides a metric for competition level.Organic competitors

Here you can view your top competitors and their competition level.

The above report reveals a lot about our competitors, like the common keywords, the keywords bringing traffic to their domain via Google’s top 100 searches and the SE Traffic price.

These are the ways in which you could spy on your competitors to get their best keywords, and build ideas to create new better performing keywords for your future blog posts.

Another cool thing about SEMrush is that you can perform a keyword research based on the geographic locations.

You can choose a specific location to check the traffic driven by the keywords from that particular location.

Domain vs. Domain:

Yet another powerful feature of this SEO tool to compare different domains (up to 3). Using this feature, you can view your domain’s performance as compared to your competitor’s.

This serves a great option given that you can view your rankings for each keyword as compared to your competitor.

To demonstrate this, we’ll compare amazon and flipkart since the competition (between advertisers for the keywords) here is high.Domain vs Domain

Take a close look at this snapshot, you’ll notice that the competitiveness of the keywords is very high (almost equal to 1).

The numbers in the column titled with the site name, specify its ranking for the specified keyword.

Clearly, Amazon ranks higher for the keyword “iphone 5s” which is also its high performing keyword.

Do I recommend SEMrush?

Having used SEMrush, I can definitely say that it has all the features needed to get your blog SEO optimized.

It keeps you well ahead of your competitors in the ever increasing competition.

Get SEMrush right away and enjoy an amazing SEO tool that saves you a lot of keyword research time.

Your time is money and this SEMrush review demonstrates how this tool gets you your competitor’s high performing keywords within just seconds thereby saving your valuable time.


SEMrush provides three plans: PRO, GURU and BUSINESS.
If you are a serious blogger and wish to continue increasing your search engine traffic, I recommend you upgrade your membership to PRO, GURU or BUSSINESS after your trial period ends.

As a beginner, you can go for the 14-day trial.

SEMrush Plans and Prices


With GURU, you can get 30K results per report which is 3 times what PRO offers so is the number of keywords to track and pages to scrawl.

Also the number of projects with the GURU subscription is 10 times that of PRO.

This makes the GURU subscription the best choice.

What are you waiting for? If this review has helped you, get started right away taking down your competitors with the methods discussed above.

Take your keyword research to a whole new level by checking your competitor’s keywords, tracking their rankings. Compare your domain with your competitor’s and create new ideas to improve your rankings.
I hope you recommend this review to someone looking for an SEO tool to optimize their blog.

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