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SEOClerks Review : The Best SEO Marketplace On The Planet

Currently, with the significant increase of the internet users and a large number of people are earning through online jobs and proving their talent with their technical training, writing skills or through their SEO proficiency. The one I was attracted to is the SEOClerks.com, which is considered as one of the best SEO services, though I found several other portals, including freelancing sites and other online specializations and services. I was attracted to its authenticity and good reputation among several other online services. Though it has gone through a rough time with the rumors of scams and its authenticity, it still proved to its users that it is reliable and trustworthy, and I completely agree with them.



What is SEOClerks.com?

I just want to make it clear to my fellow buyers and sellers about SEOClerks, what is it and how it works. For beginners, the SEOClerk is the best and reliable platform, which connects freelancers with reliable clients who wants an affordable SEO services, including marketing, backlink building, SEO, site flipping, articles, and sponsored tweets. In my research, I found that SEOClerk.com is the online service that offers all of the above, and also it has upright daily traffic, and not just that it is facilitating several job seekers by providing a reliable platform with a vast disclosure.


How it works – For a Buyer:

Initially, when I started as a buyer, I wanted a social media management and content creation for my website, which I tried by myself and I was a big failure in managing my website. So, I was looking to outsource that can help me with my website requirements so I could concentrate more on my business. I did quite a bit of research, most of these services are very appealing and alluring with several positive reviews, there are several buyers who are ready to buy their clients sites and websites. But, any blogger, affiliate marketer, or a webmaster can easily say that for SEO link building it is all about undulating with the adjustments and achieving white hat SEO and above. I understood that it is all about high quality of off-page and on-page SEO.

As a buyer, I can clearly say that SEOClerks is a well-sorted website. The website has sorted and categorized and made it easy for a buyer like me to find the best gigs or activities with just easy clicks. I find the categories are coordinated well; that can take you to the perfect place quickly.

As a buyer, I have to find a service in a sub-category or category that fits my profile. For instance, I found four sub-categories in the list of categories, including SEO sub categories. SEOClercks suggest posting in the WTB section if I can’t find any service. They want to buy posting section offered several bids for my claim. In WTT (want to trade) section, I can trade a service for a product or a service provided by others.


Different levels:

SEOClerks.com suggested 6 different levels for me, and I moved up each level after I finished a specified number of purchases, affiliate, or services sales. The various levels include:

  • Start at level 1
  • I must complete ten affiliates, purchases, or orders sales on time and must obtain a90 percent or above satisfaction rating.
  • I must complete 25 purchases or affiliate sales on time and obtain 90 percent or above satisfaction rating.
  • I must be a member and have completed 100 purchases on time and obtain 95 percent or above satisfaction rating.
  • I must be a member and have completed 250 purchases on time and obtain 97 percent or above satisfaction rating
  • SEOClerks selected this level for me, to get this I must have achieved level 3 or above and also a member to obtain the level.

Also, it is very affordable, as SEOClerks market place offers the best and most affordable gigs, their prices starts from just 1 dollar, the most reasonable price that I ever got before. This is simply superb; I saved a lot of money.

SEOClerks not just helped me to get the best and quality gigs for my SEO, but it also helped me find the topics and associated services. The WordPress themes or topics are available between 5 dollars to 25 dollars; of course, these prices are specified by the sellers, but not by the marketplace.

With SEOClerks, I got an opportunity to pay the recurring amount to my affiliate, and also it allowed me to register for information about my product, or service, or web-theme. Through SEOClerks I obtained reliable and trustworthy services, which does not compromise on high quality. SEOClerks helped me when I wanted to buy affordable gigs and also helped me to find the best and high-quality ones. Also, they suggested checking the positive feedbacks, as well as negative feedbacks of buyer and seller as they can help me buy the accurate and reliable gigs.

I can tell you, it is very easy and safe to register at SEOClerks.com, it takes less than a minute to register, and it is easy and quick. Once I registered, it allowed me to use its services immediately. The service facilitated me to buy gigs or sell them in just a matter of time. Currently, SEOClerks.com is working with https to protect its client’s transactions from fraudsters and it will release funds after providing positive feedback. The SEOClerks.com offers accurate and perfect marketplace to buy as it is one of the safest service, which I trust more than any other services.

As a buyer, I don’t need to worry if the seller does not deliver the product on time, then, I can cancel the order effortlessly and also it allows me to cancel the orders immediately after placing the order. This process proves that there is no chance of fraud as the seller gets paid only after the delivery.


How it works – For a Seller:

I wanted to set up a new offer, when I approached SEOClercks, they provided me the following categories:

  • Sell an Article
  • Sell a Service
  • Sell Tweets
  • Sell an ebook
  • Sell a WordPress Theme
  • Sell a Software

For instance, if I wanted to sell a blog review, then:

  • I have to make a decision on the blog title and rate
  • I have to select the category that suits to my offer
  • I have to fix the margins of what I want to write about
  • I must include tags that are perfect for my listing
  • I have to decide if I want to give a guarantee
  • Also, I have to sell blog reviews.

SEOClercks suggested me to sell the bid on WTB (Want to Buy) post if I can’t sell the service. This posting section allows people like me who wants a tradition task executed, and it allows me to open bid that is refused or accepted.

For Instance, I found this application; WTB request and these were the bids:


WTB bids

I found it very affordable, because, purchasing a wide number of users to my website in just a few dollars, which means I may be getting low-quality traffic. This may make my statistics look high, but when I deliver the service, the buyer can easily rate my work. That is why, it is always right to deliver only the best quality work, that too on time. Also, as a seller, if I deliver the service after the specified date, the buyer can cancel the order. That is why, to avoid all these kind of risks I took the SEOClerks support, and I am totally satisfied with this service provider.


Who is it for?

SEOClerks is for all those people who want to suggest a gig or service to earn money. The seller can decide the rate as there is no limit on the cost. I can guarantee you that you can choose a large range of micro jobs, including:


SEOClerks was established in 2011, since then it is providing a marketplace and facilitating member to buy SEO services. The concept of the service is to create a secure and safe platform for people like me where my money was in third party custody until the buyers are happy with the order. SEOClerks is certainly an impressive service. They offered me very apparent suggestions, and helped me make a serious progress, and I am sure that SEOClerks offers some of the best features compared to its competitors. I feel that if they continue providing authentic features and continue their development level, then they can easily surpass all the available online services in terms of SEO gigs or internet marketing sales.

SEOClerks is one of the best online marketplaces that offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services and other small jobs and charges a reasonable fee. I can assure you that if you don’t get what you are looking for, then you can immediately contact them and ask for the service that you wanted. This is one of the best online services that I can depend on for all my requirements.

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