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ShareCash Tutorial – My Personal Method that made me $xx,xxx

What would you say if I tell you that you could make money just by uploading files? Most of you are gonna be like “Whaaat?” “How?” Well, let me tell you this, making money uploading files is very easy, just continue reading below and you will find out how.

ShareCash is a PPD network, in my experience, the #1 PPD network!. If you are wondering what PPD is. In this article, I’ll tell you everything that is there about PPD and how you can make some serious money with ShareCash PPD network.

What is PPD?

PPD stands for Pay per Download. It basically means every download will make money for you. There are two ways to make money with PPD.

  1. PPD without surveys: In this type of PPD, the visitor directly downloads the file and doesn’t need to take any surveys. The payout is very less in this scenario. It could be as low as $5 for every 1000 downloads.
  2. PPD with surveys: Coming to this type of PPD, you need to complete a survey before you can download the file. And this is where ShareCash comes into the picture by offering surveys with high payouts.


What makes ShareCash the best in this business is that they optimize the surveys so that the visitors are shown only the best performing surveys. This, in turn, makes sure you earn the maximum amount of money per download.


Here’s a snapshot that explains it all. Look at the figures of France. Just 21 downloads from France made me a whopping $178.20! (To call it a whopping figure might sound exaggerated, but look at the Average CPA!). This is all because of the high payouts for France downloads which can be as high as $40!

So now that I’ve told you that surveys are what puts the $$ in your wallet you wanna know what these surveys look like. Let’s see.

What is a survey?

It is basically a task which takes no more than a few seconds or a minute to complete. It can be something like signing up for some free trial, submitting an email to fill a form, install some apps, answering some questions where you give your opinion on something, etc.

Advertisers pay these PPD networks to advertise their product and get these surveys completed from the visitors. The PPD networks, ShareCash in our case, in turn, pays us. That is how we make money for every successful download.


That’s how a ShareCash survey list looks like.

Now, we have got the basics covered. I hope you have got a clear idea of what a PPD is and how surveys make us money.

So at this point, we can draw a simple conclusion – More downloads, more money!

It is the downloads that make us money and not clicks or impressions. So, how do we get people to download our files? And how do we increase the number of downloads?

Promoting our uploaded file(s):

Let me ask you, do you think Youtube can work as the best way to find an audience for our uploaded files? We could make a video of our product explaining how it works and provide the download link from ShareCrash in the description. What do you think, will it work?

Let me tell you more about Youtube method before you give an answer. You have to know this, Youtube is the second most visited site in the world and has millions of visitors every day. It’s easy and doesn’t cost you a dime. If you’re thinking how to promote your Youtube videos, don’t worry, I’ll discuss it in a minute.

So, before we jump on to uploading and promoting videos on Youtube, let’s decide on a niche to make a video about.

Choosing a niche:

Simply put, a niche is a topic. There are two categories of niches:

  1. White Hat Niches: These are the legit ones where the visitors get what are they are shown. An example of a white hat niche is “Photoshop cs6 full version”. The visitor gets the Photoshop cs6 full version once he completes the survey. It’s white hat because the user gets what he’s looking for.

Now, since these downloads are available freely on the internet, people are less likely to take a survey to download this free stuff. That is why white hat niches are less sought after in PPD marketing.


  1. Black Hat Niches: Black hat niches are highly used in PPD marketing due to their nature. These are related to hacking, for instance, Facebook hacker or Gmail hacker. As you know, there is no app that can hack facebook or gmail, the user would never get any legit hacking software after taking the survey. They end up downloading a fake app.

The reason these niches work wonders in PPD marketing is the amount of average monthly traffic for such niches is increasing each day. So they kind of guarantee a high number of downloads or visitors to your video.


I really don’t recommend Black Hat method, but in this example, I am discussing it because back in the days when I set my feet in PPD, I knew nothing about White Hat Techniques and ended up driving down the Black Hat path.

But for all of you who mean serious business in PPD marketing, I highly suggest you go with White Hat techniques as it will serve you well in the longer run.


Coming back to the categories, we also have a third category of niches called the gray hat niches which are rarely used in PPD.

Further, there are two types of niches:

  • Saturated niches:

Highly competitive and hard to rank, these niches promise a huge amount of average monthly traffic to your links due to its high number of average monthly searches.

Some of the saturated niches are the Facebook hacker and Paypal money adder.


  • Unsaturated niches:

These are less competitive niches which are usually new movie releases and game releases. Unsaturated niches with high traffic are hard to find. Finding one is like hitting a jackpot


Choosing the right niche is the most important part, but if you are still not clear on what niche to choose, go here http://ubersuggest.org  for ideas.


Typing in the word “hack” found me 341 ideas. If you are confused with what niche to go with and have no ideas in your mind, this is a great tool to find keywords.


Once you choose a keyword from here, check with Google Keyword Planner whether the keyword is any good. See if the keyword has a good amount of average monthly searches. Google Keyword Planner is more accurate than Youtube keyword tool.


The keyword I chose to check with Google Keyword Planner was “facebook hacker” and this is the result I got. 100k-1M average monthly searches for this keyword. Isn’t that just great a number when it comes to traffic?

Now you guys have cleared the first step of finding a niche. Next, we create a VB app for our niche. Most of you with little or no knowledge of programming might think of leaving this right here! But, wait! It is not as hard as it seems. I’ll show you how it’s done easily. Sit back, relax and continue reading.


Creating your application or site

If you don’t want to take the Youtube route, you can opt for promoting your downloadable file on your WordPress site or blog. You can use the SEO techniques that I have discussed in other articles on this blog to drive more traffic to your WordPress site and boost the number of downloads.

If you don’t have a website or blog yet, start a free WordPress blog or learn how to install WordPress by referring to the article on this blog where the easy installation method is discussed.

Make sure you customize your WordPress site using the right theme, background, header that suits your niche to make it look more legit and professional. Customizing your WordPress site is very easy.

When you are looking to publish a post on your blog about your downloadable file, make sure you refer to the checklist to go through before you hit publish article, on your blog.

Include the keywords in your post and keep it short and just explain how it works.

Creating your VB program

Now, this would give you a better chance at increasing the CR. Use your programming skills to make your own program and make it look legit and the best on Youtube.

If you are a beginner in programming and are completely oblivious to developing VB programs, don’t worry, theblogtip.com has got your back.

As a beginner, you should use Visual Studio to develop your program. Download and install Visual Studio Community 2016. It’s free!

To create our fake app in Visual Studio, we need to get our basics right. These include the working of the textbox, progress bar, timer etc.

To make these things even simpler, I suggest you watch these videos, they’ll make the basics crystal clear for you to build your app on.

External sources:







These aren’t my vids. I am only linking you to make you understand the basics easily.

To make your VB app look better and legit, use the Visual Basic themes.


Here is how an app with a custom Visual Basic theme.

The above references would get you enough to create basic apps. If you want to explore and take your creativity to new heights with VB, you surely can hit Youtube to look for more tutorials on Visual Studio and VB. Remember, the better your app is, the higher will be your conversions.

Let’s look back and see what we have covered so far in this article. We found a niche, created an app and now’s the time to make a video about the app and upload it to Youtube.

Make an HQ video

Though it looks easy, it is undoubtedly the most important part. Your description of the app is going to decide whether the visitor or viewer will download the app or not. So, be really good with the description and the presentation to ensure high conversion rate.

You’re going to need a screen recorder to record your screen when you’ll be demonstrating your app.


Download the screen recorder program from the link given above.

Now comes the editing. You wanna make sure you make high-quality video and to do so, I suggest you use Sony Vegas Pro. That’s what I used to make my videos back in the days.

Checkpoint: We have found a niche, created an app, recorded and edited HQ video. So now, next thing on our checklist is uploading it to Youtube.

Uploading and optimizing the video

Moving on to the next part just as important as the previous one. Getting this part right means getting the high traffic and conversion rate that we are looking for.

To start with, get a Youtube account, and it’s better to have it phone verified.

Do not under any condition upload more than one video on the same account, since you may risk losing all of them if one gets removed. So, 1 Youtube channel = 1 Niche.

And the best part is that you can create unlimited Youtube channels using a single account.

To do so, go here:



You will see the above button. Click this and create a new channel.

Now our next target is to get our video ranked on the first page.

Youtube ranking

There are two categories when it comes to Youtube ranking factors. Video Content and Video Engagement.

They make most of the Youtube SEO. When it comes to SEO, Youtube doesn’t roll the way Google does. It doesn’t understand the keywords stuffed in your video. It won’t know if your video is relevant to the tags associated with it.

These are the factors the Youtube SE(Search engine) uses to rank a video:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Views
  • Content delivery : likes/favs/subs/Comments

If you get these factors right you would make it to the top without a high User Engagement.

Your Title: Here you must put your keyword. Do not forget to have your keyword in your title.

Facebook Hacker: How to Hack Facebook account

Description: Use your keyword at the very beginning of the description. Make it as early as the first line of the video description. Explain the features of your app and how to use it.

At the end of the description, include some extra tags. Doing so would help you include many keywords and get your video a higher ranking in Youtube.

I usually do it this way:

Extra Tags [Please Ignore]

{Keyword 1}

{Keyword 2}






Tags: While writing the tags, always remember to write your keyword that you are trying to rank first.


Facebook hacker, Facebook hacker app

Do not add irrelevant tags as it would make it harder to rank your video.

Other: Set category and comments to “Approve only” and click Save.

Views: Getting natural views is the key to rank your video on Youtube. If you get 100,000 views on the first day and none on the second day, that won’t work. The quality of any video on Youtube is measured by the amount of time the video was watched for; whether or not the viewers watched the complete video.

Content Delivery: Ranking of Youtube videos also depends on the number of likes, comments, and subscribers.

  • Likes: These tell Youtube how many people actually like your video and helps it to rank your video as normally youtube would rank higher rated videos than a video with no ratings.
  • Subscribers: This gives a higher authority to your channel making Youtube rank your video higher.
  • Comments: Being the most powerful user engagement factor, comments give a huge relevance and authority signal to Youtube.

Now that we have uploaded the video on Youtube, it might seem as if we’re done. But if you wanna make it big, you gotta push it a little more.

Now’s the time to promote the video.

Promoting the video:

You can find dozens of sites to get free likes, views, comments and subscribers from.

I personally used this one and recommend you the same:


You can get free likes, subscribers on this site. To make things simpler I always used a bot and automated the process at Addmefast.

Some other sites:



If you are looking to make this ranking process faster and have money to invest, you can buy views. Don’t worry, once your video is ranked in Youtube and you start getting downloads, you’ll get a good return on your investment.

These are some links to buy views on Youtube:



Well, that completes our final step. So we saw how to choose a niche, create an app, make a video about it, upload it to Youtube, optimize it, and promote it to get more downloads.

This is a screenshot from my shareCash dashboard. Hope this motivates you !!!
I took a break from sharCash in 2015 and 2016 due to some personal problems. Now (2017) I am trying out another new method that involves SEO,  will be sharing it soon with you people after I fully test it out.

I know this has been a long article, but it has step by step guidelines on how to make it big in PPD marketing and how to earn with ShareCash.

Well, for any further queries or doubts drop your comments below and refer other articles on this blog to learn other online money making methods.

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