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SiteGround Review : The Hosting Service That Care About Customers

When you are all set with expanding your business or your talents on the social surface, all you need is a source of hosting a website of your own, and you are set to go. But the venture of looking through the never ending options of the Web Hosting suppliers can be a bit intimidating. With shared hosting, dedicated hosting and the cloud hosting, alongside WordPress plans that are specially designed keeping the small businesses or organizations in account, SiteGround is considered to be the best choices when it comes to seeking a good Web Hosting providers.

SiteGround may not be the first choice when it comes to looking for providers, maybe because it doesn’t cover up the entire features that are offered by some other web hosting providers, but in other imaginable ways the SiteGround is way more of help. If your web needs are modest and not too ramped up, I definitely think that SiteGround is the one for you.

In this review, I’ll try to cover all of its shared hosting strategies a other services provided by them with a quick snippet of their support and customer care to help you make your decision if this SiteGround made the one for you and your web hosting solutions.


According to several reviews put forward by several trusted customers, SiteGround intakes merely under 200ms for work and masses up within 400ms as verified by Pingdom and ByteCheck. If asked how the performance is, I would definitely say that it is a very fast in loading the page on time on a standard hosting server. And it’s not like that the efficiency is the best during the first month of the purchase and then readily degrades; it has been consistently efficient with the page loading time.

Web Hosting sets:

SiteGround doesn’t offer monthly shared hosting choices. Instead it offers an option of the month trial per one time setup fee which is around $24.95. And if you ever wish to indulge yourself with their services, keep a daily eye on their website because they tend to run promotional offers which can get you a cheaper deal.

Stepping out of the month packages, SiteGround offers packages that can range from one to three years as well. They even provide you with the liberty to select which data centre you will be more accommodating for the hosting of your website, be it Illinois for US area, Amsterdam for Europe area or Singapore for Asia-Pacific. Even though this is not a mandatory feature and I don’t think many businesses are needing this, but it is an astonishing option for a provider who started it all around 2007.

Linux based StartUp plan:

The Linux-boosted StartUp proposal costs around $9.95 each month and the services that come alongside it are storage up to 10GB, network traffic that is allowed for almost 10,000 visitors every month, limitless e-mails, and provide support for the Web performance along with the security feature for CloudFlare. A good option for small businesses or someone who wants to host their personal blogs.

GrowBig Strategy:

The GrowBig Strategy costs around $7.95 each month. This package is mainly for slightly bigger sites, which provide support for more than one websites. Storage of up to 20GB, network traffic for allowing up to 25,000 stopovers per month, unlimited e-mails, CloudFlare support, free SSL certificate for a year, and can provide to retain up 30 backups. And I personally recommend this to the ones who tend to have a busy and flourishing business.

GoGeek strategy:

The GoGeek plan costs around $14.95 each month. This plan mainly is concerned and intended to the larger sites providing support to host several websites. Storage of up to 30GB of data, network traffic ranging for approximately 1, 00,000 stopovers a month, limitless e-mails, a certificate free of cost SSL for a year, can sustain to almost 30 holdups, alongside the Git repository. It also offers the GoGeek clienteles accounts on a much better hardware along with few other sites alongside PCI valuation to ensure that your website is compliant.

Types of hosting:

siteground hosting

Cloud Hosting:

The SiteGround has replaced its prior VPS hosting and has brought a new reform in what they call it as the Cloud Hosting. This new Linux dependant platform transformed in auto-scale the traffic flows, so your website doesn’t crash due to any resources. It comes packed with four plans in its bag, which include, one in which it costs around $60 each month for a, 2GB, 3Ghz CPU of DDR3 RAM, storage up to 20GB and data transfers of 5TB monthly and the highest range costs around $140 each month for four, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 3GHz CPUs, 80GB of the storage and 5TB of the monthly data transmissions.

Devoted web hosting:

For their dedicated servers and customers, SiteGround lays down a variety of choices in RAID, CPU, RAM alongside other storage arrangements. The packages under this category vary from $229 a month that is for Entry Server to almost $429 a month in a bigger and flourishing enterprise or organization server. This includes free will to arrange a server comprising disk space of 2TB, RAM of 16GB and monthly data transmissions of 5TB.

WordPress web hosting:

And SiteGround is not lagging behind because it even offers WordPress hosting similar to its fellow competitors. It even sees through the installation with optimized WordPress hosting. Enhanced web protection, daily back-ups, page caching and automatic system updates of content management are some of the key features included in it. The WordPress packages are almost same as that of the company’s standard hosting plans. It costs around $24.95 for a month trial and later indulges you for the yearly contracts.


The website uptime is one of the key features for a good working website, because if the website is down, clients or customers will not be able to find you or access your services. SiteGround guarantees a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and that is exactly what the users have said too while putting forth their reviews. While technically getting an uptime of 100% is possible with SiteGround, I would suggest you not to expect the same readily because that is a possibility but not a secured guarantee. But even with the 99.99% Uptime, SiteGround stands out to be one of the most popular web hosting providers.

Secure and Trustworthy:

The security features on the SiteGround security options are varied. It includes add-on HackAlert Observing for $1 a month which is helpful in assessing if your website is undergoing any internet virus attacks, and tools like SpamExpertsand SpamAssassin for keeping a check on the spam, hotlink protection along with block lists for IP addresses are some of the other useful features. Not only that but SiteGround even offers a useful feature known as the Leech Protect that is helpful in letting the admins stop the users from releasing or giving out their passwords to different portions of the website.

Its integration with CloudFlare is yet another striking feature that I would like to point out which is good for the performance and the security. The amalgamation means increasing number of people who were oblivious to the idea that this previously was an option but now benefitting from this.

Yet another useful tool for security is SiteCheck which can be very helpful for the small businesses. It is an automatic scanning tool that keeps an eye on the website to locate the malware on the site if there is any. Running this tool in time intervals is a pretty useful idea because the last thing that you want from your clients is complaints about viruses and malware after visiting your website.

Customer support:

siteground suport

SiteGround clearly stands out when it comes to providing excellent support to their customers when they need it. Their primary focus relies on the customer support, and it definitely shows in all the wizards, various articles, and even tutorials. There are three different ways that you can reach out to them, via the ticket-based system, live chat or 24/7 telephone support.

Summarizing the Pros and Cons:


Extremely fast performance with amazing uptime.

Provides free domain, SSL and script auto installer.

Allows choosing from four different data centers and has proactive server monitoring for malware and vulnerabilities.

Comes with a secured set up with various security tools and provides the most friendly and efficient customer support.


The basic web hosting plan allows you to host only one domain.

Even though the mid and high-tier plans are better quality wise but are still way costlier than the other web packages in the competition.

A quick note to end:

SiteGround is the key to all your web solutions if you expect and witness a moderate traffic in your web page on a daily basis. The SiteGround’s services, varying from its restricted and limited features to various support resources are definitely worth giving a try. Further along, the security tools that are provided by SiteGround also ensures the state of the small businesses along the path. The customer support is highly appreciated, and they never fail to be of assistance be it at any time or day.

I personally would recommend SiteGround for your web hosting solutions given the good name in the technical capability along with the security and the customer support that is provided.

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