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Top Image Compression Plugins For WordPress

We can all agree on one thing when it comes to WordPress – Times have changed. Every aspect of blogging with WordPress has seen a number of changes both good and not so good. Image compression is one such aspect which has gone through many changes in the recent times.

The Image Compression plugins for WordPress that you would find now let you compress a limited number of images for free and from there on you need to pay for further compressions. This surely indicates that we have come a long way from when these things used to be free.

Let’s find out how we can work our way into making the best of these Image Compression plugins in this article.

Before going for the list of the best Image Compression plugins, here are a few tips that would help you to decide on the plugins that suit your blog needs.

  • If you are dealing with a small to medium sized blog, you can have the liberty to explore with multiple plugins. As I said earlier, a huge chunk of these plugins provide only a limited number of compressions for free and then they charge you for further compressions, it is a good practice to use multiple plugins to save money. If you are a beginner, money is the most valuable asset.
  • When you are looking at a blog larger than the medium sized ones, you better go take the paid route when it comes Image Compression plugins. In this article, I will tell you about the best-paid plugins which are worth every penny. Using these plugins will result in faster loading of pages thus giving your readers a better experience they deserve.


Remember to take into account your readers’ perspective when you make any changes to your blog. Look at your blog through the readers’ eye. This will help you in making better decisions as making the readers’ experience pleasant is what you should thrive for as a blogger. That ultimately results in better ranking and higher revenue.


Now let’s get down to the main thing. Here’s my list of the 6 image compression plugins for WordPress –


A developer that focuses specifically on plugins for WordPress, ShortPixel is one of the best plugins out there that provides both free and paid accounts. Let me walk you through the wide range of features ShortPixel has to offer.

  • Different formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, and PDF are supported.
  • Talking about things that it supports, Lossless and Lossy Optimization is another such feature.
  • Here’s every blogger’s favorite bit – No limit to file size.
  • It lets you restore the original image at any point in time.
  • Backup – you can save your backup in a separate folder.
  • Bulk Optimization – Lets you compress the old uploads at once.
  • It treats the paid and free quota of your image compressions separately.
  • It offers an option to remove EXIF tag.
  • Also, has the feature of processing new images when they are uploaded.

Let’s see what you get in a paid account and in a free one.

Paid account

  • The monthly subscription is offered for the paid account.
  • Also, one important and cool thing to notice in this account is that the quota of images you can compress that you purchase never expires.
  • You can pay with PayPal.

Free account

  • You get to compress a maximum of 100 images every month.
  • This is a cool thing with the free account that you can do to increase the number of image compressions – refer a friend. Every friend referred will give you an additional 100 image compressions every month.

Its ease of use is something you’ll find worth paying the money for. It has a very clean user interface and the setup is easy too. The bulk compression feature will show you the ease of use and the simple and clean user interface that I am referring to.

Getting started

To begin with, you need to create an account. Once you’ve created a free account, simply log in and get your API key. You’ll need this key to activate the plugin.

Install and activate the plugin.

In the Settings, add the API key.

Here’s a look at the Settings page of ShortPixel.

You can see in the screenshot above, there’s a field for API key. Just enter the key and hit Validate.

You can also choose the type of compression you want.

At the bottom of the page, hit the Save and Go to Bulk Process button.

Here’s how the Bulk Image Optimization page looks. Click on Start Optimizing and optimize your old images.

Another reason why I highly recommend this plugin is that it is updated regularly so that you can be sure of getting your optimization experience top notch and thus faster loading of pages.

Check it out here.



This plugin as they say on their site is “ideal for editorial staff, photographers, and bloggers”. If you’re looking for an alternative to Smush.it plugin, Optimus can be your best choice. It lets you compress all the images for free that are less than 100kb in size.


  • One feature that we all need – Bulk Compression
  • JPEG, PNG formats are supported.

Here’s what you get in a Paid account

  • Max file size – 5MB.
  • WebP conversion supported.

In the settings page, as you see above, enable the Optimize during upload option if you are on a shared hosting.

Though this plugin has wonderful features and delivers the goods worth its cost, there’s still some room for improvement. The Bulk Compression feature would start compressing all the images again if the process is stopped and later started.

If they work on this and let the feature compress only those images which have not been compressed before, this will be the best pick of the lot.

Check it out here.



Remember the WP-Rocket plugin? Well, Imagify is from the same developer who crafted WP-Rocket.

Its features include all the major ones needed like Bulk compression, image resizing and much more.

Its defining feature is that it provides three levels of compression. You can opt any one of the three that goes well with your blog type.

  • The Normal level implements lossless compression. This means there will be no loss in the image quality whatsoever.
  • Coming to the Aggressive level, the lossy compression algorithm is implemented which results in a stronger compression. This leads to a loss of quality which is so tiny that it won’t be noticeable most of the time.
  • The Ultra level is the strongest compression offered by Imagify which also uses the lossy algorithm.

If at any point in time you think a different compression level would have worked well for your images after you’ve compressed them at some level, you can restore the images from the backup that you create with the backup option.

You can either restore your images to original size or compress them at the level of compression that you think would best suit your blog type.

The compatibility of this plugin with WooCommerce and NextGen Gallery makes it a popular choice among bloggers from different niches.

A look at the Features

  • Formats supported – JPG, GIF, and PNG.
  • Resizing images.
  • If the size of the images exceed 5MB compression can be done only with the paid account.

Here’s what Free account offers you –

  • Images up to 25MB can be compressed every month.
  • You get a bonus of 25MB when you sign up.

Paid account

  • You get to compress 10,000 images with this account.
  • It costs $4.99 a month to compress 1 GB of data.

Just like in the case off other plugins, you’ve got to create a free account to get your API key.

Install the plugin, activate and validate the API key from the settings page of the plugin. Once the configuration gets done, you can begin the optimization of your images with this easy to use plugin.

It allows you to choose whether to compress thumbnails or not.

The overall fee of thee plugin is pretty cool with its highly sophisticated interface and the ease of use. The fact that it’s the product of the same developer who gave us WP-Rocket plugin adds to its reliability even more.

Get it now here.



This is another impressive Image Compression plugin which serves all the needs that you would generally look for in an Image Compression plugin.

With this plugin, you can compress the images in your theme folder too.

These are the essential features ImageRecycle offers

  • Different formats like JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF are supported by this plugin.
  • They also offer multiple websites support in all of their plans.
  • You can either compress the previous images selectively or all at once.
  • Restoration of originals files is another cool feature of this plugin that it offers for a month.

Paid account

  • It offers image compression of 10,000 images for $30.
  • Validity is up to 1 year.

Free account

  • It offers you a 15-day trial.
  • A 100MB quota is offered too in the free account.


One unique and cool thing about this plugin is the auto detection of your API. This adds even more to the ease of use which also is a highlight feature of this plugin.

The auto detection of API will happen in case you being logged into their online site through the same browser that you are using WordPress from.

One thing that many users may not find very efficient about this plugin is that it doesn’t take you to the settings page after activating the API, instead to the media uploader for the process of compression.

On the other hand one, really efficient and useful feature of this plugin is seen when dealing with large images. It lets you sort the images based on their sizes. This way you could plan your strategy when you look to deal with large images at the onset.

See all the cool stuff for yourself here.



A useful image compression plugin by TinyPNG. It supports all the feature that an efficient and cool image compression plugin would have.

Here is a glance at its features –

  • Bulk Compression – the most useful tool for every blogger.
  • New images are compressed automatically.
  • Offers image resizing feature.
  • Only JPEG and PNG files are supported.
  • There is no limit to the size of the file.
  • Conversion of CMYK to RGB is also supported by this plugin.

Paid account

  • It is pretty expensive if you deal with a large number of images as it gives you compression of 10,000 images at a price of $85.50.

Free account

With the free account, you can compress 500 images a month.

Once you have activated the plugin, browse to the Media page through Settings.

There enter the API key and validate it. Get the API key by logging into your account from the admin area.

Here, you can configure the settings as per your needs.

You can also compress your old images at once. Browse to Compress all images from Media to compress them all at once. If you are looking to compress only a certain number of images, you can do so by going to the media uploader and the compressing selectively.

Set it in action here.


So, that was my list of top Image Compression plugins for WordPress. This list has a mix of different kinds of plugins that go well with different blogging needs. For a beginner, not all of them seem a good option as some of them are costly. But there are some plugins in this list that are a great option if you are on a tight budget.

Go through this list carefully, analyze your blog demands depending on your blog type and then make an informative and well-thought decision on which plugin you should go with.

Let me know if you think I missed any of the plugins that you have a great experience with, also share your experiences with these plugins on the list.

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